Listen Up: Where TNA Goes from Here After Bound for Glory!

John ReidCorrespondent IIIJanuary 4, 2017

While forgetting to DVR "The Walking Dead" Sunday...

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have now completed yet another year in TNA with the conclusion of Sunday's Bound for Glory PPV. Much like the WWE's WrestleMania, BFG is supposed to be the penultimate finish of feuds and storylines. It is supposed to be where everything is wrapped up in a nice, pretty package as they prepare for the next go-around. That being said, I can truly state that tonight's results actually provided more questions than answers. We'll take it match-by-match discussing how each finish plays into the immediate future down in Dixie-land.

The Ultimate X match resulted in former World Champ Chris Sabin winning the title, and this was the right outcome. He has been very entertaining since his heel turn, and now he can add to his already impressive resume victories over Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe. TNA should take advantage of this by setting him up in a 3 way feud with former champ Manik (who held his own in this match) and Aries. Now that they have gotten rid of that senseless idea of having all X-Division matches be three-way bouts, they can build up to the eventual title match with him and Aries. Even though Hardy and Joe are pretty much above the X-Division, it would only help Sabin if they had him go over those two as challengers as well. TNA, if ever there was a time to regain all of the lost momentum in the X-Division, this is a great start.

Speaking of lost momentum, the tag team title situation has all been ruined. I wonder how many PPV buys TNA lost after Bad Influence were beaten by the comedy tag team of Eric Young and Joseph Park in the gauntlet match on Spike TV. At least Daniels came out on the PPV and gave the promo all of us wanted to see. Even though the Bro-Mans won, this changes nothing. We all knew that Gunner and Storm were given the titles because creative had nothing to do for them, so at best all we will see will be the Bro-Mans create lame promos and keep the titles around due to having zero challengers. Bad Influence + TNA Tag Team Titles = GOLD.

(By the way, now that Abyss is apparently back, anyone gonna ask about that TV title?)

Ok, so the Knockouts title match went exactly as I predicted in a previous column. However, what I didn't foresee was Tapa becoming the henchman (or henchwoman) to Gail Kim. Is it really in vogue now to have Samoan bodyguards for every women's champion? Gail Kim needs to have another lengthy run with the title in order for it to mean anything, and if there is a new directive in TNA, develop more than just 3 challengers for the belt. Bring in women from SHIMMER if need be to give Kim some more contests on a temporary basis until they find the right person to take it from her. 

Bobby Roode beating Kurt Angle in the MOTN was a surprising but correct move by TNA (I know, hard to believe). Angle was getting a lot of love going into the Hall of Fame, but how many people thought that Roode would get the win in an impressive match? See TNA, this is what should've happened two years ago, but maybe now they realize what kind of talent they have in the 'It' Factor of professional wrestling and can give him a chance to get back into the World Title scene. Whether Angle gets his win back is not the issue, the point is that for once TNA made one of their own a star tonight.

Continuing with the theme of making new stars, Magnus got his "big win" against the guy who usually doesn't provide them cleanly, the Icon Sting. Perhaps this is his way of giving some younger talent a push before his contract expires in January, and fortunately TNA did the right thing. Magnus will be a great heel, and I expect him to feud with the other members of the (not so) Main Event Mafia as they continue to build him into the title threat he was always meant to be. 

Ah, the World Title scene, which ended in a convoluted mess straight out of Vince Russo's dreams. AJ Styles has now won the title, and I think it was a move to convince him to sign a new deal with TNA. He needs to stay and build up the promotion, as he and Bully Ray can have a rematch for the ages. Now that they are going for the heel authority figure in Dixie Carter, TNA needs to have her throw as many challengers as possible. May I suggest Magnus, who should get the push as a heel as the "corporate champion"? Bully Ray will have several opportunities to feud with guys such as the returning Mr. Anderson until he gets his hands on the title again, which I believe will occur next year.

Tonight, TNA finally showed to the world how well their homegrown talent can do on the big stage (yes, even the Bro-Mans), and the result was several title changes. We have all asked if they would ever pull the trigger on letting their younger wrestlers get to the next level. Despite all of the answers we got tonight, there are more questions on the horizon.