St. Louis Rams Should Take a Shot and Sign Tim Tebow

Christopher OlmsteadSenior Analyst IIIOctober 20, 2013


Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of all of the Tim Tebow detractor's running to the forefront to bash him and any possibility of him playing quarterback in the NFL again. Let's have everyone take a step back and look at this situation for a moment because Tebow could be just what the St. Louis Rams need.

Tebow to the Rams isn't just a shot in the dark. According to an article on the Rams' have had "internal discussions" regarding him. The Rams' were also one of the teams that were in the mix to trade for Tebow before he left Denver for New York.

Now any talk of Tebow to the Rams should only be done so assuming Sam Bradford is lost for the season. Earlier today, Bradford injured his knee against the Carolina Panthers. According to he has torn his ACL, but no official word has come from the team.

Back to Tebow now, shall we?

Let's throw out his preseason work with the Patriots and the mess he was thrown into with the Jets. As a starting quarterback in the NFL, Tebow has done what every fan, coach and owner alike wants for their team: he has won. As a starting quarterback in the NFL, Tebow boasts a record of 9-6 during the regular season and 1-1 during the playoffs. Including the playoffs Tebow has won almost 60 percent of the games he has started. By comparison, Bradford has only won 38 percent of the games he has started in his NFL career.

Please do not misunderstand me here though, I am not saying Tebow is a better quarterback than Bradford. What I am saying is that Tebow is a proven winner and what the Rams need to do is win some games.

The Rams currently sit third in their division with a record of 3-4. Given the current landscape of the NFC, it would appear their only playoff hope would be the final wild-card spot. Assuming the first wild card goes to either Seattle or San Francisco, that would leave the Rams to battle the likes of Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia for the last playoff spot.

Aside from Bradford the only other quarterback currently on the Rams' roster is Kellen Clemens. Clemens doesn't quite excite the fanbase and bring hope of success the way a Tebow would.

The Rams haven't been to the playoffs since 2004. They haven't had a record over .500 since 2003 (in 2004 they made the playoffs with an 8-8 record). Am I suggesting they cut Bradford and make Tebow their franchise quarterback?


What I am suggesting is they try to infuse some life into this team and this organization. If Bradford truly is lost for the season then what is there to lose by bringing in Tebow? If he can do for you what he did in Denver then isn't that a good thing? The NFL has always been about winning games. Therefore, if the guy is a proven winner, why not give him a shot.

Worst case scenario? The Rams finish the season around the 5-11 mark and miss the playoffs. I am fairly confident they can do that with Clemens as their quarterback also. At least with Tebow in there you will bring some excitement to the team and sell some tickets along the way.

Oh and hey, you might win some games too.