NBA Playoffs: Lakers Have EZ-Pass to the Finals!!

jack nussCorrespondent IApril 17, 2008

The Lakers have Denver in the first round, meaning a four game sweep for the Lakers. I am thinking sweep because the Lakers have Kobe, and some new defensive identity, and the proof is in the way they shut down Paul on Friday and also Tony Parker. That's all the Lakers need on defense because their offense is one of the best in the league, and some defense will win any game against Denver, because Denver lives and dies on the offensive end!

Next up would probably be Utah and that is good for the Lakers. It is especially beneficial  because the Lakers will have the homecourt advantage against a team that has not had success on the road. Even with the advantage at home, the Lakers are still a pretty good road team. I could see the Lakers taking this series in six considering Bynum is slated to return during this time.

Next up would be either the Mavs, Spurs, or Suns and I think it will be the Mavs. The Lakers would have the advantage because we know that Odom can score on Nowitzki after his 31-point night against the Mavs, and lately Odom has been a defensive pest. In addition to Odom, the overall team defense of the Lakers will hurt the Mavs, and of course we know Kobe can score on Dallas, so I will say Lakers in six.

Should there be a case of San Antonio in the Conference Finals, which is unlikely, the Spurs would probably be worn out already. As I mentioned before the Lakers can defend Parker pretty well, and we know the Lakers can score on anybody, so don’t expect the Lakers to go below 100 points on the series. Lakers in six games.  

Should the Suns make it, I think Shaq would also likely be worn out a bit especially after two hard fought series against San Antonio and Dallas or the Hornets. I wouldn't be able to see the Lakers losing to them for the third straight year and the fire of the Lakers would certainly come out. Kobe would will the Lakers to victory in five or six games.