7 Coolest Manchester United Hairstyles

Tom Sunderland@@TomSunderland_Featured ColumnistOctober 23, 2013

7 Coolest Manchester United Hairstyles

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    Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images

    It’s not a concrete rule for all players, but there’s no disputing that some of the biggest stars in world football just so happen to boast rather recognisable hair.

    In its history, Manchester United has seen some of the best players sign on the dotted line, bringing with them some of the coolest ‘dos in the sport—from David Beckham’s new-age transformations to Cristiano Ronaldo’s long-gone glamour.

    However, it’s not all in the past for the Red Devils. The club still has some of the Premier League’s best among its ranks.

    Taking every player on the books into account, whether they be youth, reserve or senior squad member, here we take a look at the seven coolest manes currently gracing the Theatre of Dreams.    

Honourable Mentions

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    David De Gea

    There seems to be a theme running in the Spanish ranks that incredibly lustrous hair is something of a given for their players. Maybe it’s just the good weather and naturally oily food.

    Whatever it might be, David De Gea isn’t exempt to the cause. While not exactly lustrous per se, the Spaniard still has a fairly exciting hairstyle upon his 6’3”-high bonnet.

    Somewhere between a mullet, a Mohawk and a quiff, the youngster gets the perfect blend of maintenance and nonchalance just right.

    It’s too bad that the “beard” sometimes gets a bit out of hand.


    Wilfried Zaha

    Slick, streamline and packed with flair is how one might describe Wilfried Zaha’s preferred style of play—not unlike his haircut.

    Unfortunately for the former Crystal Palace star, Premier League audiences haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing the sometimes-spiked flattop in action, with Zaha’s only competitive Manchester United appearance being the Community Shield. 

7. Reece James

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    Although born in Lancashire, Reece James has something of a foreign touch about his hairstyle, which takes on the kind of takes-care-of-itself look that some of us can only dream of.

    Currently being farmed outside of the club, it’s actually Carlisle United fans that have the best view of James’ brunette barnet right now, and so it shall remain until he returns from his loan spell in January.

    The Red Devils can only look forward to seeing the faded trim make its first steps back on Old Trafford soil in the seasons to come.  

6. Anderson

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    Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

    In his time as a professional, Anderson has sported a number of different looks in an effort to tame his substantial South American locks, but will hopefully come back to his reliable cropped dreadlocks.

    It was this style Anderson had when he first caught the eye of the Premier League champions back at Porto, and although a mohican (his current style) and mini afro have made cameos, it’s the dreads that undoubtedly court most favour.

    In truth, the flash look is something that some may fall on the other side of, thinking it looks a bit ridiculous. It all comes down to preference.

    In any case, Anderson's extravagant hair hasn’t necessarily equaled a fruitful career. He has so far failed to live up to his early expectations. 

5. Shinji Kagawa

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    Michael Regan/Getty Images

    There’s a number of Japanese stars in world football that just seem to have hair with limitless potential, whether it’s down to genetics or some salon secret that they certainly haven’t made public.

    Shinji Kagawa would certainly fall under that category. The 24-year-old’s side parting is the perfect mix of business and fashion—saying, “Yes, I’m here to get things done…but I’m also a really fun dude.”

    Was I the only one who heard it say that? 

4. Danny Welbeck

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    Victor Fraile/Getty Images

    With a flattop that even 1980s Will Smith would be proud of, Danny Welbeck’s been doing things old school for some time now and it works for him.

    Granted, the Manchester United starlet hasn’t been his most prolific self over the last year or so, but that doesn’t mean he can’t look incredibly cool.

    Given the speeds that Welbeck sometimes gets up to, it’s a wonder that the Manchester native with Ghanaian parents hasn’t lost the marvellous mound in one massive chunk just yet.

    Here’s hoping we don’t see such a sight any time soon, either. 

3. Ben Pearson

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    When playing for a Premier League club, the temptation is often to believe your own hype, get a trendy haircut and become just another member of the flashy masses.

    Not Ben Pearson, who has withheld his rough-and-ready image despite taking his first steps in the club’s youth team this season.

    The teenager’s trim—or lack thereof—wouldn’t be too far out of place were Pearson living as a Hobbit of The Shire, such is the wild, countryside look.

    With so much product, gel and wax being whipped about in the English top flight these days, Pearson appears to prefer going au naturale, and looks all the cooler for it. 

2. Adnan Januzaj

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    Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

    United’s reigning poster boy and international flavour of the month, Adnan Januzaj’s appeal is the workmanlike modesty with which he goes about his business.

    Never clamouring for the limelight but having earned it nonetheless in recent weeks, the 18-year-old’s side-parting is substantial—not unlike your classic schoolyard nerd.

    It’s okay to say that, as I’ve been informed that nerdiness and “geek chic” are very “in” right now.

    Manchester United recently announced via their official club website that Januzaj had agreed a five-year contract extension at Old Trafford this weekend, putting to bed any rumours of an immediate move elsewhere.

    In the coming seasons, we’re bound to see the Belgian-born Kosovar’s star keep on rising, but one can only pray that he doesn’t lose his roots. 

1. Marouane Fellaini

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    Michael Regan/Getty Images

    Was there ever going to be anyone else at the summit of cool Manchester United hairstyles? Not least of which because he’s the tallest member in the squad, Marouane Fellaini sticks out like a sore thumb when it comes to his trademark afro.

    While he hasn't fared as well as some may have hoped so far in his Old Trafford tenure, Fellaini can at least rest easy that the club are making some of their £27.5 million transfer fee back on wig sales outside the stadium.

    So cool is the Belgian’s ‘do that a Japanese confectionery company even took it upon themselves to market a cookie based around his rather recognisable haircut.

    Now, how many multi-million pound signings can say they’ve attracted that kind of attention?