Florida Gators Championship Trophy Shattered...Again!

Tim CarySenior Analyst IApril 17, 2008

When tight end recruit Orson Charles visited the University of Florida, he was hoping to find a school where he could further his football career and win a national championship trophy.

Instead, he ended up destroying the trophy the school had already won.

As Charles' tour of the Gainesville campus took him through the school's football stadium, he leaned over to take a picture of Gator QB Tim Tebow's Heisman Trophy...and knocked the "other" trophy to the ground, shattering a crystal football valued at over $35,000.

Before we go any farther, yes, the trophy was insured.  Good thing too, because not too many college football players (Reggie Bush being the alleged exception) make that kind of money.

The story gets better.  Gator coaches immediately informed Charles, a junior at Plant High in Tampa, that he had no choice but to become a Gator now. 

(No word yet on if other potential suitors Miami and Florida State threw trophies at Charles' feet to ensure his  college services.  Wait, they haven't won any trophies in a while.  Never mind.)

The ironic thing to me is that this isn't the first time a Florida championship trophy has been shattered.  In October 2006, basketball coach Billy Donovan fooled many in the crowd at a Midnight Madness Celebration by "accidentally" losing his grip on what turned out to be a replica of the crystal basketball trophy. 

Can you imagine this week's conversation with the insurance agent? 

UF staff member: "Um, hi, it's the University of Florida again.  We broke the football trophy this time."

Insurance agent: "Sure you did.  Haven't you ever heard of the boy who cried 'wolf'?  (Or was it 'gator'?)"

The best quote by far came from the embarrassed tight end's high school coach, who had once described Charles to Gators coach Urban Meyer as a "bull in a china shop".

Truer words were never spoken.