World Weightlifting Championships 2013: Daily Results, Medals Table and Schedule

Maxwell Ogden@MaxwellOgdenCorrespondent IIIOctober 20, 2013

World Weightlifting Championships 2013: Daily Results, Medals Table and Schedule

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    The 2013 IWF World Weightlifting Championships have begun in Wroclaw, Poland. The week-long event will take place from Sunday, Oct. 20 to Sunday, Oct. 27, and when it's all said and done, the best in the world in each weight class will be crowned.

    Here's a full breakdown on what has transpired and what is soon to come.

    According to the event's entry list, 317 weightlifters from 59 nations will participate at the 2013 IWF World Weightlifting Championships. Men and women from across the globe will all compete for medals and international supremacy.

    Here's how it's all transpiring in Wroclaw.  

    All statistics, results and schedule times provided by the International Weightlifting Federation.


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    DateTime (ET)Event
    Sunday, Oct. 205 a.m.Women's 48 kg Group B
     7:25 a.m.

    Women's 48 kg Group A

    Monday, Oct. 216 a.m.Women's 53 kg Group B

    8 a.m.

    Men's 56 kg Group B
     10:55 a.m.Women's 53 kg Group A
     1:55 p.m.Men's 56 kg Group A
    Tuesday, Oct. 226 a.m.Women's 58 kg Group B
     8 a.m.Men's 62 kg Group B
     10:55 a.m.Women's 58 kg Group A
     3:55 p.m.Men's 62 kg Group A
    Wednesday, Oct. 234 a.m.Men's 69 kg Group B
     6 a.m.Women's 69 kg Group B
     8 a.m.Women's 63 kg Group B
     10:55 a.m.Women's 63 kg Group A
     3:55 p.m.Men's 69 kg Group A
    Thursday, Oct. 244 a.m.Women's 69 kg Group B
     6 a.m.Men's 77 kg Group B
     8 a.m.Men's 85 kg Group C
     12:55 p.m.Women's 69 kg Group A
     3:55 p.m.Men's 77 kg Group A
    Friday, Oct. 254 a.m.Men's 85 kg Group B
     6 a.m.Women's 75 kg Group B
     8 a.m.Women's 75 kg Group B
     12:55 p.m.Men's 85 kg Group A
     3:55 p.m.Women's 75 kg Group A
    Saturday, Oct. 264 a.m.Men's 105/+105 kg Group C 
     6 a.m.Men's 94 kg Group B
     8 a.m.Men's 105 kg Group B
     10:55 a.m.Men's 94 kg Group A 
     3:55 p.m.Women's +75 kg Group A
    Sunday, Oct. 274 a.m.Men's +105 kg Group B 
     6:55 a.m.Men's 105 kg Group A 
     9:55 a.m.Men's +105 kg Group A

Medals Table

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    Medal Count (Total)

    2.North Korea1405

    Medal Count (Total plus Snatch, Clean and Jerk)

    2.North Korea0303

Daily Results: Sunday, Oct. 20

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    Sunday, Oct. 20

      Women's 48 kg 
    SnatchTan Yayun, China (84 kg)Ryang Chun-Hwa North Korea (81 kg)Carolina Valencia, Mexico (78 kg)
    Clean and JerkTan Yayun, China (115 kg)Ryang Chun-Hwa, North Korea (105 kg)Carolina Valencia, Mexico (103 kg)
    TotalTan Yayun, China (199 kg)Ryang Chun-Hwa, North Korea (186 kg)Carolina Valencia, Mexico (181 kg)

    The women of weightlifting took center stage on the opening day of action in Poland. At the 48-kilogram level, it was a fresh face who stepped up to dominate the competition: Tan Yayun of China.   

    Yayun posted the best marks in the snatch, 84 kilograms, and the clean and jerk, 115 kilograms. This added up to a total number of 199 kilograms, thus earning her the first gold medal of the 2013 World Weightlifting Championships.

    Behind Yayun was Ryang Chun-Hwa of North Korea, who won silver with a total of 186 kilograms. Carolina Valencia of Mexico earned the bronze medal by checking in at 181 kilograms.

    China, North Korea and Mexico are now on the board with medals won.

Daily Results: Monday, Oct. 21

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    Monday, Oct. 21 

    Women's 53kg Results


    Li Yajun
    China 100kg

    Christina Iovu
    Azerbaijan 100kg
    Sopita Tanasan
    Thailand 91kg
    Clean and
    Li Yajun
    China 121kg
    Christina Iovu
    Azerbaijan 121kg
    Kittima Sutanan
    Thailans 114kg
    TotalLi Yajun
    China 221kg
    Christina Iovu
    Azerbaijan 221 kg
    Sopita Tanasan
    Thailand 203 kg

    There was drama on Day 2 of the IWF World Championships in Wroclaw, Poland.

    Li Yajun squeezed home to take top spot in the women’s 53kg category, handing China their second gold medal of the week.  

    Yajun lifted 100kg in the snatch and 121kg in the clean and jerk, the exact same weights lifted by Christina Iovu of Azerbaijan. But it all came down to a matter of weight, 0.34kg to be exact. 

    Because Yajun weighed in at 52.39kg at the start of the event and Iovu clocked the scales at 52.73, Yajun won outright as a result of being a shed lighter.

    Sopita Tanasan of Thailand came home in third place with an overall score of 203, pipping compatriot Kittima Sutanan by 3kg.

    Men's 56kg Results

    Snatch Qingquan Long
    China 130kg
    Om Yin Chol
    North Korea 127kg
    Kim Tuan Thach
    Vietnam 12kkg
    Clean and
    Om Yin Chol
    North Korea 162kg
    Qingquan Long
    China 157kg
    Kim Tuan Thach
    Vietnam 157kg
    TotalOm Yin Chol
    North Korea 289kg
    Qingquan Long
    China 287kg
    Kim Tuan Thach
    Vietnam 283kg

    Om Yin Chol of North Korea took home the first men's gold medal of the week-long Championships.

    After a 127kg snatch, Om sat in second place in the standings but he blew his opponents out of the water with a 162kg clean and jerk, which was over five kilograms clear of his nearest challenger. 

    The silver medal went to Qingquan Long of China, who led after the snatch, and the bronze went to Vietnam's Kim Tuan Thach, who produced a solid performance.

Daily Results: Tuesday Oct. 22

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    Tuesday, Oct. 22

    Women's 58kg Results

     Event Gold Silver Bronze
     SnatchWei Deng
    China, 108kg
    Hsing-Chun Kuo
    Chinese Taipei, 108kg
    M A Escobar Guerrero
    Ecuador, 133kg
    and Jerk
    Hsing-Chun Kuo
    Chinese Taipei, 133kg
    M A Escobar Guerrero
    Ecuador, 122kg 
    Elena Shadrina,
    Russia 122kg
     TotalHsing-Chun Kuo
    Chinese Taipei, 241kg
    M A Escobar Guerrero
    Ecuador, 225kg 
    Elena Shadrina,
    Russia 218kg

    Hsing-Chun Kuo won Chinese Taipei’s first gold medal of this week’s World Championships in the 58kg women’s category, in what was a strange Day 3 in Wroclaw, Poland.

    The firm favourite from China, Deng Wei, lifted 108kg in the snatch, to take the lead at the half-way point. Although the eventual winner Kuo lifted the same weight, Wei went top of the leaderboard based on the fact she weighed half a kilogram lighter.

    But that’s when it all unraveled for Deng as the Chinese lifter surprisingly failed to register a score in the clean and jerk, which sent her crashing out of the competition. 

    Kuo benefitted from Deng’s failures to take home top spot, while Ecuador's Maria Alexandra Escobar Guerrero won silver and Elena Shadrina of Russia finished with bronze.

    Men's 62kg Results


    Kim Un Guk
    North Korea 150kg

    Lijun Chen
    China, 146kg
    V S Hristov
    Azerbaijan, 141kg
    and Jerk
    O A Figueroa Mosquera
    Colombia, 177kg
    Lijun Chen
    China, 175kg
    V S Hristov
    Azerbaijan, 170kg
    TotalLijun Chen
    China, 321kg
    Kim Un Guk
    North Korea 320kg
    O A Figueroa Mosquera
    Colombia, 316kg

    It was a case of one kilogram between gold and silver in the men's 62kg category.

    Lijun Chen, a 20-year-old lifter from China, pipped Kim Un Guk to the gold medal by a fraction after a consistent display in both the snatch and the clean and jerk.

    Oscar Albeiro Figueroa Mosquera, who took bronze, had put himself in contention with a massive lift of 177kg in the clean and jerk but he failed to back it up in the snatch, lifting 139kg. 

Daily Results Wednesday Oct. 23

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    Wednesday, Oct. 23

    Women's 63kg Results

     Event Gold Silver Bronze
    SnatchTima Turieva
    Russia, 112kg
    Hyang Jo Pok 
    North Korea, 109kg
    Mengrong Deng
    China, 108kg
    and Jerk
    Tima Turieva
    Russia, 140kg
    Hyang Jo Pok 
    North Korea, 140kg
    Mengrong Deng
    China, 136kg
    TotalTima Turieva
    Russia, 252kg
    Hyang Jo Pok 
    North Korea, 249kg
    Mengrong Deng
    China, 244kg

    Tima Turieva became the world champion in the women's 63kg event after lifting a total of 252kg on Day 4 in Wroclaw, Poland. 

    The Russian led in both the snatch and clean and jerk, the latter due to her lower bodyweight, and she finished the day three kilograms clear of her closest challenger. 

    Hyang Jo Pok of North Korea took silver, while China's Mengrong Deng rounded off the podium with a total lift of 244kg. 

    Men's 69kg Results

    SnatchHui Liao
    China, 160kg
    Oleg Chen
    Russia, 160kg 
    Myong Hyok Kim
    North Korea, 152kg
    and Jerk
    Hui Liao
    China, 198kg
    Firidun Guliyev
    Azerbaijan, 194kg
    Myong Hyok Kim
    North Korea, 185kg
    TotalHui Liao
    China, 358kg
    Oleg Chen
    Russia, 340kg 
    Firidun Guliyev
    Azerbaijan, 337kg

    There were two new world records set on Day 4 in Wroclaw.

    Liao Hui of China finished atop the podium after lifting a world record of 198kg in the clean and jerk. Hui had led the men's 69kg category after the snatch—due to the fact he weighs slightly less than Oleg Chen—with a lift of 160kg, and when both his scores were combined together it was good enough for another world record. His total lift of 358kg was the first of its kind. 

    Russia's Chen did enough in the snatch to claim silver, while Firidun Guliyev finished with the bronze medal after a lift of 194kg in the clean and jerk. 

Daily Results: Thursday, Oct.24

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    Thursday, Oct.24

    Women's 69kg Results

    SnatchYanmei Xiang
    China, 123kg
    Un Hui Ryo
    North Korea, 119kg
    Oxana Slivenko
    Russia, 118kg
    and Jerk
    Yanmei Xiang
    China, 148kg
    Dzina Sazanavets
    Belarus, 143kg
    Un Hui Ryo
    North Korea, 143kg
    TotalYanmei Xiang
    China, 271kg
    Un Hui Ryo
    North Korea, 262kg
    Dzina Sazanavets
    Belarus, 259kg

    Xiang Yanmel handed China their fifth gold medal at the World Championships in Poland. 

    The 21-year-old brushed aside the rest of the field in the 69kg category, winning comfortably in both the snatch and clean and jerk. Her lift at 145kg in the latter was good enough for first place but she didn't stop there, attempting the lift at 148kg, which she managed on her third go. 

    The youngest participant in the competition, Un Hui Ryo of North Korea, won the silver medal, while Dzina Sazanavets of Belarus rounded out the podium with a total of 259kg. 

Daily Results: Friday, Oct. 25

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    Friday, Oct. 25

    Men's 85kg Results

    Snatch Janos Baranyai, Hungary, 155kg Michael Muller, Germany, 150kg Freddy Fernando Tenorio Mina, Ecuador, 150kg
    Clean and Jerk Janos Baranyai, Hungary, 191kg Michael Muller, Germany, 190kg Freddy Fernando Tenorio Mina, Ecuador, 185kg
     Total  Janos Baranyai, Hungary, 346kg  Michael Muller, Germany, 340kg Freddy Fernando Tenorio Mina, Ecuador, 335kg

    Friday was a day for the underdog as China's grip on the weightlifting championships was broken up at least temporarily, with the other world powers clutching at their chance for victory.

    Hungary grabbed their first medal of the World Championships and it was gold as Janos Baranyai wiped away the nightmares of his 2008 lifting accident (not for the faint of heart) with a triumph on the Polish stage.

    On that occasion, the Hungarian failed in lifting 148kg, over-extending his elbow in a massive way. This time, he obliterated that mark with a lift of 155kg.

    That's how one pushed past their demons.

    Women's +75kg Results

    Snatch Yaniuska Isabel Espinosa, Venezuela, 115kg Mami Shimamoto, Japan, 110kg Naryury Alexandra Perez Reveron, Venezuela, 109kg
    Clean and JerkNaryury Alexandra Perez Reveron, Venezuela, 142kgYaniuska Isabel Espinosa, Venezuela, 140kg Shelbie Renee Serpan, USA, 135kg
    TotalYaniuska Isabel Espinosa, Venezuela, 255kgNaryury Alexandra Perez Reveron, Venezuela, 251kgMami Shimamoto, Japan, 243kg

    Mami Shimamoto (pictured above) put in a huge effort to fire Japan to their first medal at these World Championships and ultimately brought the Asian nation a bronze prize.

    However, it was Venezuela's Yaniuska Isabel Espinosa who stole the headlines of the +75kg category, thanks largely to the titanic snatch that eclipsed some of her opponents' lifts by as much as 25kg.

    The two kilogram margin by which she lost out to her compatriot Naryury Alexandra Perez Reveron was acceptable and the South American pair would eventually steal the two top spots on the podium in what was a fine outing for Venezuela.

Daily Results: Saturday, Oct. 26

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    Saturday, Oct. 26

    Men's 94kg Results

    Event Gold Silver Bronze 
    SnatchAliaksandr Makaranka, Belarus, 180kgAlexandr Ivanov, Russia, 180kgVladimir Sedov, Kazachstan, 180kg
    Clean and Jerk Alexandr Ivanov, Russia, 222kgAlmas Uteshov, Kazachstan, 222kgVladimir Sedov, Kazachstan, 216kg
    TotalAlexandr Ivanov, Russia, 402kgAlmas Uteshov, Kazachstan, 397kgVladimir Sedov, Kazachstan, 396kg

    Russia's Alexandr Ivanov, a silver medalist in the London 2012 Olympics, went one podium place better in Warsaw setting a new world record total for his category to claim gold and become the new world champion. Ivanov's win was also Russia's third consecutive world championship gold at this weight.

    Kazachstan dominated the silver and bronze positions through Almas Ulteshov and Vladimir Sedov, with Aliaksandr Makaranka of Belarus eventually finishing in fourth place after only managing to lift 210 kg in the Clean and Jerk.

    Local interest, Tomasz Zielinkski, finished in eighth place.

    Women's +75kg Results

    SnatchKang Yue, China, 126kg Olga Zubova, Russia, 125kgLidia Valentin, Spain, 122kg
    Clean and JerkOlga Zubova, Russia, 157kgNadezhda Yevstyukhina, Russia, 157kg Kang Yue, China, 150kg  
    TotalOlga Zubova, Russia, 282kgNadezhda Yevstyukhina, Russia, 277kgKang Yue, China, 276kg 

    Completing a Russian clean sweep of the gold medal positions on Day 7 of the World Weightlifting Championships 2013, Olga Zubova became the new Women's world champion in the 75 kg category at the age of just 20 years of age.

    She was joined on the next step of the podium by her countrywomen Nadezhda Yevstyukhina with China's Kang Yue taking bronze. Poland's Ewa Mizdal, like her male counterpart in the Men's 94 kg class, finished in eighth place.

    Yevstyukhina, the reigning world champion from 2011, fell behind the early leaders in the Snatch, only managing to lift 120 kg in her first and only successful attempt.

    Fortunately for the Russian, Spain's Lidia Valentin was only able to record a lift of 138 kg in the Clean and Jerk after her final attempt at lifting 146 kg was ruled as a foul by the judges. That allowed Kang Yue to surge into third with a lift of 150 kg, beaten only by Zubova and Yevstyukhina.

    Zubova almost missed out on gold however, with Yevstyukhina trying and failing to reach the 163 kg lift that would have allowed her to retain her title.

Daily Results: Sunday, Oct. 27

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    Sunday, Oct. 27

    Men's 105kg Results

    Event Gold Silver Bronze 
    SnatchRuslan Nurudinov, Uzbekistan, 190kgBartlomiej Bonk, Poland, 188kgAleh Loban, Belarus, 182kg
    Clean and Jerk Ruslan Nurudinov, Uzbekistan, 235kgDavid BedzhanyanRussian, 225kgMohammadreza Barari, Iran, 221kg
    TotalRuslan Nurudinov, Uzbekistan, 425kgDavid BedzhanyanRussian, 405kgBartlomiej Bonk, Poland, 404kg

    Uzbekistan became the fifth country to win a gold medal in Warsaw as Ruslan Nurudinov became the new World Champion with a total of 425 kg, with hosts Poland finally claiming a podium place through Bartlomiej Bonk.

    The local hero's bronze placed finish led to Poland becoming the 15th country to win any medal at this year's world championships. Bonk's success follows on from an Olympic bronze at London 2012.

    David Bedzhanyan's performance in the Clean and Jerk saw that Russia added another medal to their haul, with the European Championship gold medallist collecting silver, yet he could have snatched the top prize, ordering for a world record breaking weight of 236 kg. Unfortunately his strength on the day failed to match his boldness.

    Men's +105kg Results

    Event Gold Silver Bronze 
    SnatchRuslan Albegov, Russia, 209kgBahador Moulaei, Iran, 203kgAleksei Lovchev, Russia, 200kg
    Clean and Jerk Bahador Moulaei, Iran, 255kgRuslan Albegov, Russia, 255kgArtem Udachyn, Ukraine, 232kg
    TotalRuslan Albegov, Russia, 464kgBahador Moulaei, Iran, 458kgAleksei Lovchev, Russia, 430kg

    Ruslan Albegov became Russia's fourth world champion in Warsaw, claiming the gold medal in the +105 kg super heavyweight classification.

    The Russian was a bronze medallist at London 2012, and also claimed gold at the 2012 and 2013 European Weightlifting Championships.

    Iran's Bahador Moulaei attempted to equal Albegov's total with a final lift of 261 kg in the Clean and Jerk but he failed in his attempt, finishing with silver.

    Bronze went to Russia's Aleksei Lovchev who can third in the Snatch and fifth in the Clean and Jerk, with Ukraine's Artem Udachyn's efforts in the second discipline foiled by his inability to record a lift in the Snatch.