Do Contracts Mean Anything Anymore?

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Do Contracts Mean Anything Anymore?
Travis Ford signs an extension with UMass last week and today he takes the Oklahoma State job.

Rich Rodriguez bolts from West Virginia University before their bowl game, while under contract to take the head coaching job at Michigan.

Chad Johnson, while under contract, claims he will not be at any Bengal pre season functions, and demands a trade.

These are just a few of the recent examples of coaches and players having a total disregard for their contracts.

I am all for doing what is best for yourself. I am pro "moving up" in your field. However, I am against people signing a contract one day, and turning around within, say a week like Travis Ford and jump ship.

What does he now say to his players who he just told he will be remain their coach? How does he keep a straight face?

What did Rich Rodriguez tell his players after their heartbreaking loss to Pitt that kept them out of the National Championship game that he will now bail on them before the Fiesta bowl?

What will Chad Johnson do if the Bengals stick to their word and not move him? Will he swallow his pride and show up? Especially when/if the Bengals decide to begin fining him.

It seems people have no shame anymore and we cannot take anyones word on anything.

I think its easy to enforce rules on players. If Chad does not show up for Bengals meetings and practices, his direct deposit should stop immediately. He works for a "Company." He signed a contract and he must now full fill it. He can negotiate something better as we all do at our jobs and ask to "adjust" his contract. He should not be allowed to black mail his employer. I'm sure once he stops getting his current payments, that he is obviously not happy with, he will begin to rethink his actions.

As for coaches, I think it's harder to enforce but the NCAA and the pro leagues need to do something to stop this. Especially in college where they players pick their schools based on coaches.

It is unfair for a player to be recruited and commit to the school, and to the coach, and then the coach can just bail on them with no reprecushions and his contract gets tossed out. At the same time, if a player chooses to transfer, he must then sit out a season as "punishment." How is that fair? Why are the coaches more protected then the players?

A contract is defined as: an agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is written and enforceable by law.

Maybe the powers that be should start enforcing these contracts a little more.

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