College Football Polls 2013 Week 9: 5 Who Should Be In, 5 Who Should Be Out

Randy ChambersAnalyst IOctober 20, 2013

College Football Polls 2013 Week 9: 5 Who Should Be In, 5 Who Should Be Out

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    Both polls are out after a spectacular week of college football. Voters had a difficult time putting the teams in order, and many schools either made a tremendous leap in the rankings or dropped like a ton of bricks.

    But we're not here to nitpick which teams should be ranked where, we're here to make a case for the unranked teams and pick a handful of other teams that aren't even worthy of a mention.

    It's all about what you have done lately, and if you haven't impressed in the last few weeks, you can kiss your ranking goodbye.

    Note: Here's the AP poll and USA Today coaches poll in their entirety.

Out: South Carolina

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    The Gamecocks have played lethargic all season long. From nearly losing to UCF and Kentucky to getting beat by Tennessee, this team simply hasn't lived up to the hype they received during the offseason.

    And, it's more than Jadeveon Clowney. This entire team is struggling to get out of its own way. The offense doesn't play with any consistency, and the young defense can get gashed for big play after big play.

    Steve Spurrier's group is still ranked because it's an SEC team, and the wheels haven't fallen completely off just yet. However, not even South Carolina fans would trust their team against some of the better competition in the country.

In: Notre Dame

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    Back on the Notre Dame bandwagon?

    Why not?

    The Irish have won two games in a row, both of which came against above-average competition. Arizona State is capable of going toe-to-toe with most teams in the country when motivated, and USC is a much better team without Lane Kiffin moping on the sidelines. It looks like Notre Dame has rediscovered its mojo and the defense is beginning to come together like last year's unit.

    Who knows, maybe Brian Kelly's club has a complete meltdown against Air Force. But for now, this is a Top 25 team in the country.

Out: Michigan

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    It's almost insane to leave a 6-1 Michigan team out of the polls. But, watch the film and see just how poor this team performs on a weekly basis. The Wolverines haven't been nearly as good as their record indicates.

    Since the game against Akron that came down to the wire, Michigan has been in a dog fight in every game it's played. Connecticut nearly pulled off the upset, Penn State pulled out the shocking win in overtime and Indiana scored 47 points in a losing effort.

    Indiana? The basketball school?

    Some want to give credit for simply winning, but if that's the case, why isn't a 7-1 Ball State team in the polls? Why isn't Northern Illinois ranked higher? Michigan needs to step it up.

In: Georgia

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    Are we really willing to give up on Georgia that easily? The same team that nearly beat Clemson and did beat South Carolina and LSU?

    Look, I understand Georgia lost to Missouri and Vanderbilt. Ugh. But it'd be a tough task to find another team that would be able to bounce back after suffering so many injuries on both sides of the ball. From its star running back to its playmaking wide receiver, the Bulldogs are too banged up for their own good.

    It's not like Georgia forgot how to play football. When healthy, this is still one of the best teams in the country.

Out: Arizona State

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    Arizona State remains out of the polls despite its impressive 53-24 win over a ranked Washington squad. The voters got this correct.

    I was high on the Sun Devils to begin the season, but they haven't played with any consistency all year. They were no match for Stanford, lost to shaky Notre Dame and should have lost to Wisconsin if it wasn't for the referees falling asleep in the final minute.

    Arizona State is one of the most talented teams in the country and has endless potential, but we need to see an impressive showing every week before anybody starts to take this team seriously. The final five weeks will tell a lot.

In: Michigan State

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    Michigan State is a quiet team that nobody wants to mention for whatever reason. The defense is by far the best in the Big Ten, the offense is taking baby steps and the team is first place in the Legends Division with a 6-1 record.

    Keep sleeping if you'd like.

    The Spartans only loss came on the road against Notre Dame. Considering it was by only four points and the Irish should be ranked, that's not a bad loss. They haven't won a marquee matchup just yet, which is probably why they aren't ranked. However, that will change soon with Michigan and Nebraska quickly approaching on the schedule.

Out: Nebraska

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    If we're going to add a Big Ten team into the polls, it's only right we remove a Big Ten team that is a little overrated. Nebraska still needs to prove itself.

    The only ranked team it's played all season was UCLA, and the Bruins ran away with that game. Other than that, the Cornhuskers have padded their record with wins over South Dakota State, Illinois and Purdue.

    The defense still can't be trusted and the offense could be a little more consistent on a week-to-week basis. Despite the record, there are better teams in the Big Ten right now than Nebraska.

In: Oregon State

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    Head coach Mike Riley has no reason to smile. Well, he does; his team is 6-1. But that same team isn't getting any love from the pollsters.

    How long are we going to hold a loss against Eastern Washington over their heads? Granted, it's one of the worst losses of the 2013 season, but six straight victories don't count? An offense that is averaging a little more than 44 points per game isn't sexy enough?


    The Beavers remain one of the best teams in the Pac-12 and will make the rivalry matchup against Oregon interesting as long as they keep rolling.

Out: Florida

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    Florida received 17 votes in the AP Poll and only four in the USA Today coaches' poll. It's lucky it even earned that many.

    Forget the injuries and any other excuse you may have to defend the Gators, this simply isn't a Top 25 team and shouldn't be considered one, regardless of what happens moving forward. And, it's a shame with them having arguably the best defense in all of college football. The offense can't move the ball two inches without tripping over its shoelaces and the sloppy play is becoming a trend.

    Florida went from being an SEC powerhouse to a team that has taken a backseat. At least basketball season is approaching.

In: Ole Miss

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    Save the 4-3 talk for somebody who cares. Have you seen Ole Miss' schedule? If you have, you won't be one of those people discussing the three losses.

    The Rebels are a lot better than their record indicates and could easily go into your favorite team's backyard and leave with a victory. They beat Texas, gave Texas A&M a major scare and now finally got the job done against a national championship contender in LSU.

    How can you not be impressed with this young team?

    Ole Miss is physical on both sides of the ball, is loaded with athletes and should be turning heads with only four wins.