EA Sports FIFA 14: Best Saves of the Last Week

Nick Akerman@NakermanFeatured ColumnistOctober 20, 2013

EA Sports FIFA 14: Best Saves of the Last Week

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.
    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    Following on from the top FIFA 14 goals of the week, it's time to celebrate the men between the sticks.

    Goalkeepers are often the unsung of EA Canada's game, and indeed football, so let's take a minute to worship those who flap about in the box.

    This selection of saves highlights the unpredictable side of this year's game. It also underlines the notion that using your hands is a technique reserved for losers.



The Goal-Saving Pluck

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    YouTube User: Raditya Priambodho

    "Pluck" is a brilliant word that only gets used in two situations: removing the hair from a chicken or saving a certain goal in FIFA 14.

    This is a the perfect opportunity to celebrate such an amazing term.

    After making an initial save, this goalkeeper quickly races back to his line. An incoming forward then slides for the ball and gently lofts it toward the gaping net. This is where the pluck comes in.

    With one strong right hand, the athletic stopper forcefully thrusts the ball away from his goal. It's a great save that deserves real plaudits for allowing me to write "pluck" on four occasions.

    Make that five. Pluck.

The Triple Whammy

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    YouTube User: LuigiBalotelliHD

    FIFA 14 can often turn something calamitous into a moment of magic.

    After failing to push a pretty standard header away from the danger zone, this No. 1 falls into position facing his own goal. With the net gaping, Dries Mertens is unable to hit anything aside from the goalkeeper's hand.

    The shot-stopper then falls over again.

    With an open goal crying out to be taken advantage of once more, another forward fails to control the ball and it narrowly goes wide for a goal kick.

    This video is a lesson in instinct. If you have goalkeepers with excellent reflexes, you've always got a chance to make it out of sticky situations with the score intact.

    Even if the keeper made the initial mistake.

The Invisibility Cloak

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    YouTube User: TheMouseGamer

    This video probably shows a bog-standard save that should never excite FIFA 14 fans.

    But then again, throw in the fact that this goalkeeper is completely invisible, and the save is as good as your imagination allows.

    I like to think this player has fired the ball away with a scorpion kick—or, better yet, palmed it away with one hand while reading his favourite Harry Potter book. After all, the young wizard has given up the use of his invisibility cloak for 90 minutes.

Never Forget to Use Your Head

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    YouTube User: Kurtis999Bevan

    Goalkeepers using their hands is so overrated. What's the point of spending hours on the training field when you can do the job just as well with your noggin?

    Pro Clubs mode often throws up a number of anomalies, but it appears the manager of this side didn't quite get his message across when he told his players to use their head.

    A long free kick is fired in and a forward connects with the header, but the keeper fires back with a forehead slap of his own.

    The power of the attempt even knocks this poor soul over, as highlighted by one game player's uncontrollable laughter.


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