Move Over Johnny Manziel, Jameis Winston Is Your New Heisman Trophy Favorite

Scott CarasikContributor IIOctober 20, 2013

Oct 19, 2013; Clemson, SC, USA;Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston (5) celebrates with teammates following against the Clemson Tigers the game at Clemson Memorial Stadium. Seminoles won 51-14. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston is the best quarterback in college football and deserves to win the Heisman—period.

Not Johnny Manziel. Not Marcus Mariota. But Jameis Winston.

Florida State's freshman wunderkind is everything the Heisman trophy is about. He's a leader whom his fellow players love. He's so good, he elevates mediocre receivers at Florida State to guys who look like they deserve Biletnikoff consideration.

His offensive line wants to block for him. And most of all, he's got the ability to just embarrass defenses. Not just any defenses either. He dismantled the defense of the No. 3 team in the country (AP poll) in their own house against some of the loudest crowd noise he's ever had to play against.

And more than that, he's made it look easy. 

He's made even one of the best teams in college football look like a complete and total joke. And his team isn't just winning with him at the helm. They are dominating people. 

The closest a team has even come to beating Florida State is a 14-point loss that Boston College had to fight tooth and nail for. Teams haven't been able to hold the FSU offense to less than 41 points. The only two teams better are Baylor and Oregon. 

Add in the lack of turnovers for Winston and the needle points even more in his direction—especially when comparing him to Manziel—who turns the ball over too much for a Heisman Trophy winner. 

Comparing Johnny Manziel to Jameis Winston - Passing
Comp.Att.Comp %YardsTDINTRating
Johnny Manziel15921773.3%2289187182.8
Jameis Winston11215771.31885203210.4
Multiple Sources
Comparing Johnny Manziel to Jameis Winston - Rushing
Johnny Manziel8548661
Jameis Winston4313730
Multiple Sources
Comparing Johnny Manziel to Jameis Winston - Total
Total TouchesYardsYards Per TouchTouchdownsTurnovers
Johnny Manziel30227759.19248
Jameis Winston200202210.11233
Multiple Sources


Jameis Winston is Why Florida State Looks Like a National Title Contender Again

Last season, the Seminoles won the ACC. They were 11-2 and had a great offense and a fast, attacking defense. 

CLEMSON, SC - OCTOBER 19:  Jameis Winston #5 of the Florida State Seminoles yells to his team on the line before a play against the Clemson Tigers at Memorial Stadium on October 19, 2013 in Clemson, South Carolina.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

So why does this year's team look so much better? Why does this year's team look like they could not only win the ACC Atlantic division, not only the ACC, but the whole shebang?

It's because of Jameis Winston. His leadership makes the Seminoles play harder on offense and on defense. He's a redshirt freshman, but that didn't stop Jimbo Fisher from treating him like the unquestioned team leader, despite not even knowing he was going to be the starter in spring camp.

On the other hand, Johnny Manziel is just a distraction for Texas A&M. He's a great quarterback for the Aggies and deserved to be the Heisman winner last season. However, that's only because there wasn't a legit Heisman contender from a legit national-title contender.


Manziel isn't the same kind of leader Winston is. While his team does play hard for him, there's not a single person who would think he's the same kind of unquestioned leader on the sidelines. Body language from Manziel looks like a spoiled kid who didn't get his way.

Winston always looks poised and ready. And because of that, one quarterback looks like his team is going to compete for a national championship, and the other guy is on a mediocre 5-2 squad that won't even win its division within its conference.

Heisman trophies go to the guy who is on a national-title contender if it's close. Not the guy who's going to the Outback or Peach Bowl.


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