The Top 10 College Football Players I Wish I Could've Seen Live

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The Top 10 College Football Players I Wish I Could've Seen Live

Being a 28-year-old sports fan has it's ups and downs. I'm old enough to remember Michael Jordan's prime, unlike a 20 year old fan, however, I'm too young to have seen legends like Mickey Mantle, Terry Bradshaw and so on.

So as the summer arrives, I'm sitting around thinking of some of the great players in college football that I'm looking forward to watching this season. Tim Tebow, Eric Berry, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy, the list goes on and on.

That got me thinking of how lucky I am to have seen some of the greats like Peyton Manning, Reggie Bush, Rocket Ismail and more, but also led me to think about some of the truly great players I didn't get to see.

Throughout my childhood on to growing into a man, I can't count the number of trips back and forth from Chattanooga to Knoxville on a football Saturday.

The same four of us have been in that car most every time, ranging from my Grandfather who is in his upper 70's, my Father who is 50, a close family friend around 50 as well and myself. There's a lot of football knowledge and memories in that car, and 3 men whose opinions I respect more than anyone else's.

Through the years, combined with watching a boat load of film on my own, I heard the memories those men have of some of the greats to play the game. Men they got to see in their prime, who I can only dream of witnessing.

So, this list is not a ranking of how good or great I think they were, since I've only seen film of them and heard stories, I think that would be unfair. These all time greats are ranked in order of who I would be the most excited to get to see live and in person.

Please, feel free to give me feedback and make suggestions of your own. I can remember players clearly back to about 1988, so I'm listing guys prior to that. Hope you all enjoy!

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