UFC 166 Fight Card: Recapping the Fight Night Bonuses

Riley KontekFeatured ColumnistOctober 20, 2013

UFC 166 came like a hurricane to viewers, providing fans with one of the best cards in recent memories. From the war between Diego Sanchez and Gilbert Melendez to the numerous finishes the card provided, fans got their money's worth when it came down to it all.

We had some great knockouts and some awesome scraps. I have a feeling that people who paid for this awesome event had no regrets when it came to shelling out money.

Here is a recap of each fight-night bonus from the great UFC 166. 


Submission of the Night: Tony Ferguson

There was no competition, but it did not take away from the D'arce choke Tony Ferguson used to achieve victory.

It only lasted one round, but the fight between Ferguson and Mike Rio provided a memorable moment for UFC 166. Rio was adamant about obtaining the takedown, but Ferguson countered with a nasty D'arce choke.

It was equally as beautiful as it was devastating. It had Rio tapping like there was no tomorrow.


Knockout of the Night: John Dodson

It came as no surprise, as John Dodson took home the bonus check for best knockout of the night.

Dodson took on a tough opponent in Darrell Montague, but he made sure the fight did not leave the first round. He used crisp, precision striking to find his counterpart's chin and put him down.

The man deserves another title shot after that win. Whether he does or not doesn't matter much, as Dodson took home an extra check for his awesome KO.


Fight of the Night: Diego Sanchez-Gilbert Melendez

What can I say about this fight, in all honesty. We had ourselves a Fight of the Year candidate.

Diego Sanchez and Gilbert Melendez decided to take the gloves off (not literally) and throw down hard. What resulted was one of the best fights I have seen in recent times.

Sanchez had a new eyebrow and Melendez had a great win. Nobody lost, in all actuality.