Extreme Rules Might As Well Be Called Judgment Day 2

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Extreme Rules Might As Well Be Called Judgment Day 2

It's getting ridiculous, on Tuesday after college I sat down optimistic for an episode of Raw. The episode after a pay per view I believe to be the most exciting and unpredictable so was looking forward to it.

Randy Orton kicks off by coming to the ring, i'm wondering who's gonna interrupt, (which would probably lead to them being the next No. 1 contender). Batista's music kicks in, you gotta be kidding me.

It's official: Orton-Batista Extreme Rules inside a Cage they could have done so much more...I guess I should be thankful it's not another Cena title shot.

Speaking of Cena, never guess who he's facing at Judgment Day 2, that's right, the Big Show. But wait, it's a Submission match, it's pointless to me i'm afraid.

So I leave my comfy sofa a little disappointed.

Then on Thursday I put on ECW, in more hope than expectation. Swagger wants yet another title shot (wouldn't be surprised if he got one soon enough). But Christian challenges Dreamer as he's weeks from getting fired.

Thank God there gonna make this match at Extreme Rules and give Dreamer the end he deserves in extreme style, WRONG, they put it on Superstars?

Think this is one of Vince's plans to beat Impact in the ratings. I'm sure he will get his title shot at Extreme Rules though....

Which lead me to tonight, Smackdown. This show has been showing so much potential and excitement since the draft and has left me more pleased to watch it than Raw.

CM Punk and Jericho fought on Superstars, and they fought on Smackdown, maybe they'll start a cool feud...WRONG.

First, (similar to Raw this bit) the champ comes out gloats about win then teddy long announces the title match to be Edge vs. Jeff. OK what the hell.

Don't worry it's a ladder match, i'm sure it'll be fun. Later in the Jericho-Punk match ( ironically also a rematch) Umaga interferes, beats the crap out of Punk and makes an announcement.

Would you look at that it's Punk-Umaga at Extreme Rules. Not done yet folks, Jericho heads into Teddy Longs office and demands a rematch with Mysterio, please say no, please say no, hmmm, he said yes, in fact Mysterio insisted it, brilliant, I leave my comfy sofa disappointed once again,

Here's the Judgment Day card:

Umaga vs. Punk

Christian vs. Swagger

Morrison vs. Benjamin

Mysterio vs. Jericho

Batista vs. Orton

Cena vs. Big Show

Edge vs. Hardy


Here's the Judgment Day 2 card:

Umaga vs. Punk

Mysterio vs. Jericho

Batista vs. Orton

Cena vs. Big Show

Edge vs. Hardy


I don't want to seem like i'm hating on the WWE, as I respect what they do, just be nice to see some new wrestlers come through the ranks,

Thank You for reading, C.Graham 23/05/09

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