What I Loved and Hated from College Football Week 8

Adam Kramer@kegsneggsNational College Football Lead WriterOctober 21, 2013

What I Loved and Hated from College Football Week 8

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    For the second weekend in a row, there was carnage. And I suppose we shouldn't be surprised.

    Five AP teams situated in the top 10 lost, creating yet another dramatic shakeup. It’s a shakeup the likes of Baylor, Missouri and other big movers upward will welcome for the time being.

    The main course, of course, was the latest ‘Game of the Week of the Century of the Millennium.' It was over in roughly 25 minutes. Florida State went into Clemson and manhandled the Tigers. In doing so, the Seminoles debuted at No. 2 in the first BCS rankings.

    Oh, those are out again, too.

    Elsewhere, ESPN’s College GameDay was both weird and awesome, the catch of the year was found not once but twice, and the targeting ejection rule continues to be absolutely terrible.

    Here’s what I loved and hated from Week 8.

HATED: How Hypnotic (and Terrifying) This Clemson Fan Was

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    If you tune into ESPN’s College GameDay each Saturday, there’s a distinct possibility you will see something strange, odd, new or likely a combination of all three. 

    This proved to be true again at Clemson on Saturday, thanks in large part to this Tiger fan who felt it was time to go shirtless. Oh, and that’s not all. There was a beverage (which ended up everywhere), dancing and arm movements that will be studied for years. 

    ESPN analyst David Pollack attempted to talk about serious football matters until it all got to be too much. And yes, fellow analyst Kirk Herbstreit did refer to this person as “sloppy,” which is also outstanding.

    (Also: Desmond Howard's laugh is joyful and amazing.)

LOVED: Bill Murray’s Wrestling Moves on Lee Corso

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    I'm not sure I ever expected to write "Bill Murray's wrestling moves on Lee Corso," but I'm glad I had reason to.

    Let’s just go ahead and anoint Bill Murray the all-time guest picker on GameDay, because it can only go down from here. Murray was brilliant in his time on set. From his attire—a tie-dyed Piggly Wiggly shirt, to his logic—he cited cheerleaders as one advantage—to the other marvelous exchanges between himself and Corso, this was television gold.

    And then it ended with Murray tackling Corso before he could put the Seminole spear into the ground. Murray had picked Clemson, and he apparently wasn’t buying what Corso was selling.

    He followed this up by grabbing Corso's spear and throwing it into the crowd, showing the joys and danger of live GameDay viewing.

LOVED: This One-Handed Interception

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    It was not a fun Friday night for Louisville, but the Cardinals first loss of the season was not without its moments. Charlie Strong would likely bench press this slide with ease and then rip it in half, but Calvin Pryor’s interception against UCF still warrants your full attention.

    Even you, Charlie Strong.

    The throw was not the best of ideas, but that doesn’t change the fact that Pryor made a magnificent play on the ball. He secured it with one hand while also getting one foot in play, and the result is as skillful of a takeaway as you will see this year.

    You may now rip the slide in half, Charlie Strong.

HATED: How Easy Marquez North Made These Catches Look

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    One amazing catch? Yeah, that’s fine and all, but how about two incredible grabs—one of which is still hard to understand—by the same player in the same game.

    Marquez North might be a true freshman, although he certainly doesn’t look the part for Tennessee. And his in-air acrobatics proved to be huge for the Vols in their upset win over South Carolina.

    Both catches were superb, but his one-handed grab on the sidelines likely has the upper hand on almost every catch you will see this year (Spoiler Alert: You'll see one better shortly.)

    That doesn't take away from the wizardry at work here. In fact, I’m still not quite sure how he came down with, well, both of them.

    One amazing catch? Yeah, that’s fine and all, but how about two incredible grabs—one of which could be the best we’ll see this year—by the same player in the same game.


    Marquez North might a true freshman, although he certainly doesn’t look like it for Tennessee. His acrobatics in the air proved to be huge for the Vols in their upset win over South Carolina.


    Both catches are superb, but he one-handed grab on the sidelines likely has the upper hand. In fact, I’m still not quite sure how he came down with it.


    There must be some sort of secret glue at work here, there simply must be.

LOVED: Jadeveon Clowney Doing Jadeveon Clowney Things

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    He didn’t go anywhere, so please don't say he's "back."

    The Internet will tell you that South Carolina defensive end/possible robot Jadeveon Clowney is playing hurt, or he quit, or maybe he just does not care. The Internet also doesn’t understand defensive line play as a whole, but that’s another lecture for another day.

    Clowney was everywhere against Tennessee, although his hit on running back Rajion Neal looked similar to a hit you might have seen on New Year’s Day.

    The helmet did not fly into outer space this time so no bonus points can be rewarded, but the hit serves as a reminder that 270-pound humans are not supposed to move at these speeds.

HATED: This Targeting Ejection (And the Rule, Because It’s Terrible)

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    If you’re going to implement a bad rule, at least ensure that the bad rule is implemented with some consistency. That was the concern with the targeting ejections heading into the season, and those concerns have been realized. 

    Week 8 featured a flurry of ejections, especially early on Saturday. Georgia defensive end Ray Drew was one of a handful of SEC players who were ejected, although his hit was questionable to say the least.

    Taking that one step further, what am I missing here? Where exactly is the targeting?

    And yes, targeting ejections that are overturned still come with a 15-yard penalty. We’re able to see (and admit) that there was no penalty, and then the penalty yards are tacked on. Of course.

LOVED: The Potential Catch of the Year

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    As incredible as Marquez North’s catches were for Tennessee, Kodi Whitfield delivered what might be the catch of the year for Stanford. 

    This requires multiple viewings, a protractor and a calculator to understand, so please go collect the following items. And truthfully, these helpful items still won’t provide any insight into how someone could have possibly pulled this ball out of the thin air.

    The positioning of his body, the coverage, the timing of the jump and the coordination of it all makes this one of the most incredible plays you will ever see. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to punch some numbers into this calculator.  

HATED: This Pick-Six Gone Horribly Wrong

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    Aaron Brown did everything right on this interception. Well, until the very end, at least.

    The Cincinnati cornerback intercepted a pass on his own five-yard line, and off he went. Brown weaved through tacklers, making all the right moves on his way to the end zone. It looked like he was going to make it, too.

    Right before he did, however, he was stripped and the ball rolled through the back of the end zone for a touchback. The end result was a lot of unnecessary running for everyone and a significant loss in yardage.

    Unnecessary running is just the worst.

LOVED: The Ohio State Band Moonwalking

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    The Ohio State band has skills, this much we know. 

    Last year it delivered a video game-centric halftime show, one that was unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Against Iowa on Saturday, the Buckeyes’ band was all about Michael Jackson, moonwalk and all.

    How can you possibly get a field full of band members to moonwalk? It requires coordination, bodies and a ton of practice. I can only assume it requires these things because I have never delivered a successful moonwalk with or without a full band by my side.

HATED: The Failed Gatorade Bath

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    These are the types of problems you hope to have. When a Gatorade bath after a key victory goes wrong, it’s probably been a good night regardless of these liquid failures.

    Ole Miss knows this feeling after taking down LSU at home, which is again, a good problem to have. With the game decided, a handful of Rebel linemen searched for the head coach with liquid ammunition in hand.

    The only problem? They couldn’t find them. The result is an awkward lap around the field that was caught on camera.