Struggling Franchise: NY Mets

Joseph CiracoCorrespondent IMay 22, 2009

The Mets are a complete mess. Maybe their 21-19 record might not indicate it, but if you follow baseball you know the Mets have collapsed the last two seasons and missed the playoffs when they've had the talent to compete for a championship.

The first question is why is Omar Minaya still running the show for this organization? I wish I could tell you but I'm beyond baffled. The guy has made a few good moves, but aside from getting K-Rod (via free agency) and JJ Putz (via trade), Minaya hasn't been able to take a talented rich roster to the next level.

Considering that the Mets have a payroll of around 140 million, fans shouldn't accept  any more second place finishes or late season meltdowns. While he might look smart for not signing a currently suspended Manny Ramirez despite the pleas of so many fans, the Mets have played error prone Daniel Murphy in the outfield when Bobby Abreu was available for just five million dollars. Abreu is batting .300 with 15 steals and 16 RBI.

If that's not enough, maybe we should discuss Oliver Perez. On certain nights, Ollie flashes brilliance (although not once this year), but the Mets seemed to bid against themselves and overpay for a back-of-the-end rotation pitcher. As of today, Perez has an ERA of just under 10.00 with 28 hits allowed and 21 walks in under 22 innings. 

Jerry Manuel is another problem. His record as the Mets manager might be 72-56 over two seasons, but he's also failed to get the most out of the team. Just like with Willie Randloph, Manuel was at the helm when the Mets failed to hold a late season lead. Losing a three-and-a-half game lead with just 17 games left in the season is unacceptable.

Aside from that collapse, the team continually makes base-running blunders and errors in the field. Already tonight, Daniel Murphy was easily thrown out when trying to take an extra base on a bunt. As for the errors, the game against Los Angeles earlier this week was enough to make any fan turn the television off after the Mets committed five errors which included Ryan Church not touching third base in extra innings.

At some point, the main core of the roster will be examined much more carefully. David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, and Johan Santana are the backbone of the franchise, but how many chances will they get if they continue to falter? 

Delgado is almost 37, and out for two months with hip surgery ( and will also be a free agent at the end of the year). While his defense is average at best, and you couldn't expect another 38 bombs this year, it won't be easy to replace him now and in the years ahead unless the Mets make yet another splash in free agency. 

With the current state of the economy and Mets owner Fred Wilpon having lost a reported 300 million in the Madoff Ponzi-scheme, what will be the state of the Mets in the years to come?

The Mets have the talent to win over 90 games, even with Delgado hurt and a very mediocre rotation. Before the Mets begin to worry about September, they should remember that the defending champions are already one-and-a-half games ahead of them in the standings, and the Braves are Marlins are closing the gap on them. The NL East might not be the AL East, but it's certainly not the NL West.

Will the Mets play up to potential or will they implode yet again? The current weekend series with the Red Sox might tell us quite a bit about how things will unfold for the New York Mets.