Billiards World Championship 2013: Format, Schedule and Draw

Aidan Reynolds@@aidanreynoldsContributor IIIOctober 20, 2013

Pankaj Advani won the Championship last year, but has withdrawn from the 2013 tournament. (Image via
Pankaj Advani won the Championship last year, but has withdrawn from the 2013 tournament. (Image via

The Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds is the venue for the 2013 Billiards World Championship, which is due to start on October 21.

Several late withdrawals from both World Championship draws resulted in an altered format this year. The traditional qualifying process has been discarded and all nine entrants will be put through to the main World Championship.

Instead of the qualifying days, the Jim Williamson Memorial Open will act as the warm-up for the World Championship, starting on October 19 and continuing through the weekend.

Billiards World Championship (Short-Up) Draw
ARupesh Shah (India)Long Nguyen Thanh (Vietnam)Aaron Davies (England)Wayne Doyle (Republic of Ireland)Grant Meadley (India)
BNalin Patel (England)David Causier (England)Manish Jain (India)Qualifier 9Qualifier 7
CNam Pham Hoai (Vietnam)Ian Williamson (England)Matthew Bolton (Australia)Fraser Durham (Canada)Arun Agrawal (India)
DRaj Kumar (India)Guy Heys (Jersey)Mike Russell (Qatar)Kien Nguyen Trung (Vietnam)Neil Bolton (Australia)
ECarl Walter Steiner (Austria)Peter Gilchrist (Singapore)Qualifier 6Balachandra Bhaskar (India)Mark Nolan (Republic of Ireland)
FSubramanian Venkateshwaran (India)Qualifier 8Arthur Winn (England)Robert Hall (England)Qualifier 10
GQualifier 12Jamie Barker (England)Qualifier 3Jaiveer Dhingra (India)Phil Mumford (England)
HDerek O'Neill (England)Binh Nguyen Thanh (Vietnam)Siddharth Parikh (India)Martin Goodwill (England)Terence Wayne Carey (Australia)
IAditya Agrawal (India)Michael Pearson (Australia)Qualifier 2Sourav Kothari (India)Martin Schmidt (Austria)
JChris Taylor (England)Martin Budge (Guernsey)Qualifier 1Alok Kumar (India)Dhvaj Haria (India)
KDhruv Sitwala (India)Qualifier 4Aidan Murray (Ireland)Robin Wilson (England)Peter Tankard (Australia)
LQualifier 5Akhilesh Mohan (France)Geet Sethi (India)Felix Knoll (Austria)Phil Davis (England)
MRoss Doyle (Republic of Ireland)Devendra Joshi (India)Anna Lynch (Australia)Ashok Shandilya (India)Qualifier 11
Billiards World Championship (Long-Up) Draw
AFraser Durham (Canada)Guy Heys (Jersey)Alok Kumar (India)David Causier (England)Binh Nguyen Thanh (Vietnam)
BMatthew Bolton (Australia)Carl Walter Steiner (Austria)Dhvaj Haria (India)Qualifier 4John Mcintyre (Northern Ireland)
CQualifier 8Qualifier 11Nalin Patel (England)Mike Russell (Qatar)Akhilesh Mohan (France)
DKien Nguyen Trung (Vietnam)Subramanian Venkateshwaran (India)Peter Gilchrist (Singapore)Anna Lynch (Australia)Ian Williamson (England)
EQualifier 6Manish Jain (India)Neil Bolton (Australia)Robert Hall (England)Qualifier 12
FBalachandra Bhaskar (India)Qualifier 9Phil Mumford (England)Terence Wayne Carey (Australia)Gaye Jones (England)
GMartin Goodwill (England)Arthur Winn (England)Martin Budge (Guernsey)Aditya Agrawal (India)Nam Pham Hoai (Vietnam)
HQualifier 7Peter Tankard (Australia)Derek O'Neill (Republic of Ireland)Jamie Barker (England)Rupesh Shah (India)
ISourav Kothari (India)Siddharth Parikh (India)Robin Wilson (England)Qualifier 10Qualifier 5
JJaiveer Dhingra (India)Chris Taylor (England)Michael Pearson (Australia)Long Nguyen Thanh (Vietnam)Felix Knoll (Austria)
KMark Nolan (Republic of Ireland)Aaron Davies (England)Dhruv Sitwala (India)Arun Agrawal (India)Qualifier 1
LMartin Schmidt (Austria)Phil Davis (England)Ashok Shandilya (India)Raj Kumar (India)Qualifier 3
MGeet Sethi (India)Grant Meadley (Australia)Qualifier 2Eva Palmius (England)Devendra Joshi (India)

The Short-Up Championship is first, running through the week beginning October 21 and ending with the final on Friday October 25. Following this, the Long-Up tournament begins that same day, progressing across the weekend and into the next week. The final is on October 30. has detailed information on schedules for both Championships. The Short-Up schedule is here, while the Long-Up schedule can be found here.

With the forced changes to the format, this year carries the chance for a real upset. With so many unknowns in the group stages, it could be a very interesting tournament.

Of the withdrawals, last year's winner Pankaj Advani is the most high-profile. According to NDTV Sports, Advani has abandoned this year's Championship in favour of snooker, which again opens up the field.

If you're looking for someone to back, a good bet would be Englishman Robert Hall, who states has won 25 finals across his career and has a win percentage of 79 percent. Hall is the top-ranked player going into the Championships, giving him momentum.

The World crown still eludes Hall, however. If you feel more comfortable backing a proven champion then Qatar's Mike Russell, who has won the title 11 times, would be an ideal candidate. His rival Geet Sethi of India is also a good option, having won the prize eight times. is planning on offering a live stream of the show table on every day of the championships. No information is available at present, but more coverage listings are scheduled to be accessible as the tournament draws nearer.