The Top 5 Best Pro Wrestling Entrance Themes, As Voted By You

Connor GreenCorrespondent IMay 22, 2009

Earlier this week, I wrote an article listing my Top 5 favorite pro wrestling entrance themes of all time. Then, I asked all of the readers to list their Top 5 as well.

My list included themes from Ted DiBiase Sr. ("Everybody's Got a Price"), Christian ("Just Close Your Eyes"), Randy Orton ("Burn in my Light"), Edge ("Metalingus"), and Hulk Hogan ("Real American").

The feedback was tremendous, and I found several interesting lists.

I know you're anxious to see the Top 5 most popular entrance themes ever, so I'll quit stalling. Here it is (rankings are judged by amount of #1 votes):


T-5. Undertaker Theme Song/"This Fire Burns" (CM Punk)/"Voodoo Chile" (Hollywood Hogan)/"One of a Kind" (Rob Van Dam)/"The Game" (Triple H) (1 vote each)


T-4. "Real American" (Hulk Hogan)/"Burn in my Light" (Randy Orton)/"Sexy Boy" (Shawn Michaels)/The Rock Theme Song (2 votes each)


3. "Are You Ready?" (DX) (3 votes)


T-2. "Metalingus" (Edge)/"Voices" (Randy Orton) (4 votes each)


1. "Just Close Your Eyes" (Christian) (5 votes)


So there you have it: Christian's "Just Close Your Eyes" is the most popular pro wrestling song of all time.

I'm not surprised that the song is so popular, but I am surprised that my #1, "Real American", didn't get more votes.

A big thanks to all that took part in this. This is Connor Green, signing off.