Vince McMahon Should Return to WWE TV as a Babyface

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistOctober 19, 2013


Vince McMahon has been conspicuous in his absence after being so strongly positioned as the head of a three-headed authority monster.  That monster has now been whittled down to two.   

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have taken center stage as the top heel tandem in the WWE, with Vince McMahon nowhere to be found. 

McMahon has not appeared on WWE television since celebrating Orton's shady WWE title victory at SummerSlam alongside Stephanie, Triple H and Orton himself.

It has been reported for months now that the long-term plan is for Vince McMahon to endorse a WWE superstar of his choosing, possibly a big name from the past, to seize control of the WWE from a power-hungry Triple H. 

WWE may be laying the groundwork for this would-be feud, given McMahon's sudden disappearance.

If McMahon were to return as a heel, this would raise more questions than answers about his truancy.  The Mr. McMahon character thrives on power-tripping.  It's hardly in his DNA to flee the scene right after gaining said power through Orton's championship win. 

Big Show has been freely walking in and out of WWE arenas over the past two weeks after having been fired.  This creates holes in the ongoing storyline.  Of course, these holes can be easily closed if McMahon is revealed to have been the reason of Show's curiously easy access.  

Although Daniel Bryan and the Rhodes have done an admirable job opposing Raw's prominent authority figures, they will need the backing of established characters to make them more believable as main event personalities.

Bryan is just weeks removed from being slaughtered on television by Orton in a clean showdown.  The show-closing angle ended with Brie Bella, Bryan's fiance, begging Orton to stop.

After that damage, fans may have a hard time believing Bryan can successfully take down the establishment without help. 

If WWE is truly serious about giving Bryan a chance to run with the proverbial ball, a Vince McMahon endorsement would help.

A headline touting a possible Steve Austin return is provocative.  But Daniel Bryan as Vince McMahon's personal choice to take back the brand would do much more for him than it would for any established star. 

The Big Show is leveling the playing field somewhat, but logistically (and for the sake of a believable storyline) all it would take is a strong front line of security to put an end to that. 

A Vince McMahon return would part that red sea of security and even the odds.  It's the only thing outside of a sustained revolt that would return dignity to the babyface roster. 

WrestleMania season is not too far away, and likely, neither is Vince.  Upon his return, don't be surprised if he opts to wear the white hat. 


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