BCS Standings 2013 Projections: Undefeated Teams That Will Be Snubbed

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BCS Standings 2013 Projections: Undefeated Teams That Will Be Snubbed
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest midseason events in college football is the release of the official BCS Rankings, which are set to drop on Sunday, Oct. 20 after the conclusion of Week 8.

Indubitably, Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State and Clemson will be among the teams venerated for going undefeated against tough opponents.

Equally sure is the fact that there will be a few undefeated teams snubbed in the standings.

Here's a look at my projected BCS standings, along with the polls from the Associated Press and USA Today, followed by a closer look at the teams that won't get properly recognized.

Projected BCS Standings
Rank Projected BCS AP Poll USA Today Coaches Poll
1 Alabama (6-0) Alabama (6-0) Alabama (6-0)
2 Oregon (6-0) Oregon (6-0) Oregon (6-0)
3 Clemson (6-0) Clemson (6-0) Ohio State (6-0)
4 Ohio State (6-0) Ohio State (6-0) Clemson (6-0)
5 Florida State (5-0) Florida State (5-0) Florida State (5-0)
6 LSU (6-1) LSU (6-1) Louisville (6-0)
7 Texas A&M (5-1) Texas A&M (5-1) Texas A&M (5-1)
8 UCLA (5-0) Louisville (6-0) LSU (6-1)
9 South Carolina (5-1) UCLA (5-0) South Carolina (5-1)
10 Louisville (6-0) Miami (FL) [5-0] UCLA (5-0)
11 Missouri (6-0) South Carolina (5-1) Miami (FL) [5-0]
12 Stanford (5-1) Baylor (5-0) Baylor (5-0)
13 Miami (FL) [5-0] Stanford (5-1) Stanford (5-1)
14 Georgia (4-2) Missouri (6-0) Missouri (6-0)
15 Baylor (5-0) Georgia (4-2) Texas Tech (6-0)
16 Texas Tech (6-0) Texas Tech (6-0) Georgia (4-2)
17 Oklahoma (5-1) Fresno State (5-0) Oklahoma State (4-1)
18 Oklahoma State (4-1) Oklahoma (5-1) Oklahoma (5-1)
19 Florida (4-2) Virginia Tech (6-1) Fresno State (5-0)
20 Auburn (5-1) Washington (4-2) Virginia Tech (6-1)
21 Virginia Tech (6-1) Oklahoma State (4-1) Nebraska (5-1)
22 Fresno State (5-0) Florida (4-2) Florida (4-2)
23 Northern Illinois (6-0) Northern Illinois (6-0) Northern Illinois (6-0)
24 Michigan (5-1) Auburn (5-1) Michigan (5-1)
25 Washington (4-2) Wisconsin (4-2) Washington (4-2)



Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 5-0

AP Rank: 12

Coaches Poll Rank: 12

Compared to the SEC, ACC and Pac-12, the Big 12 isn't a strong conference, which will likely cause Baylor to be ranked lower than it should be. Like Louisville, the Bears haven't yet faced a ranked team.

But man, does this team score. It's the best scoring team in the nation, averaging 63.4 points per contest. The team's last game against Kansas State, in which the Bears scored 35 points, was by far the lowest scoring output of the season. 

Quarterback Bryce Petty is making it look easy. Through five games, he's already passed for 1,680 yards with 13 touchdowns and just one interception. With numbers like those, it's hard to lose games.

A two-game stretch against Oklahoma and Texas Tech will truly define where Baylor stands at the end of the year. As things stand now, it won't be surprising to see teams like Stanford and Georgia with higher BCS rankings.

Fresno State

Record: 5-0

AP Rank: 17

Coaches Poll Rank: 19

The Mountain West conference used to be dominated by Boise State, but the emergence of Derek Carr has thrust Fresno State into the top spot. 

Led by Carr, the Bulldogs feature one of the nation's most exciting passing attacks, averaging 374 yards per game. The senior quarterback and younger brother of Fresno State alumni David Carr has already thrown 19 touchdowns through five games—an average of nearly four touchdowns per game.

Because the team's defense hasn't been particularly dominant, Carr has emerged as a close-game guru. Rutgers and Boise State both nearly defeated the Bulldogs, but Carr led his team to tight wins in both contests.

Looking ahead, Fresno State doesn't face a single ranked opponent for the rest of the season. There's a good chance the Bulldogs will finish the season undefeated without being remotely considered as one of the two teams in the BCS Title Game. 

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