NBA 2K14: Next-Generation Graphics Set New Bar for Sports Gameplay

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NBA 2K14: Next-Generation Graphics Set New Bar for Sports Gameplay
Photo courtesy of 2K Sports.

The reaction to 2K Sports' recent release of its NBA 2K14 "Next-Gen: OMG Trailer" has been one of amazement. Whether you're a gamer or not, the graphics in the next generation of NBA 2K14 are simply astounding:

From the simple beads of sweat running down LeBron James' face to the wrinkling of Kevin Durant's jersey as he steps on the court, there is no motion that has been overlooked in a game that is likely the first of its kind.

My personal favorite is the fact that James Harden's beard actually moves as he brings his hands up to blow on them. (Is that weird?)

Then there's the very sad moment when the first piece of game action is Derrick Rose getting dunked on by Kobe Bryant. Yes, it was a video game, but it looked like Bryant exerted more effort in the trailer than any preseason game over the past few weeks—between star players at least.

One of the biggest noticeable differences with the new next-generation graphics is the lighting. Looking back now at gameplay from the previous versions, the light appears to bounce off of the players and the court and provides a more vivid image. Look at this picture of gameplay from the PS3 to compare:

Photo courtesy of 2K Sports.

Apart from the visual beauty from the beginning of the trailer to the end, the gameplay looks crisper in every sense. Andre Iguodala's dunk at the 47-second mark in the video shows the true power of a breakaway dunk in a video game like never before.

If there is anything I personally disagree with, it's the look of Anthony Davis' unibrow at the :58 mark in the trailer. That trademarked unibrow appears to be longer than that in real life. Apart from that, the "OMG Trailer" is one that will leave fans clamoring for the real thing.

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