WWE's Most Underused and Underrated Superstars

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistOctober 18, 2013

WWE's Most Underused and Underrated Superstars

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    With a roster as big as the one the WWE possess, naturally there will always be Superstars who are underused in comparison to others.

    However, the decisions to leave some of the better wrestlers dragging behind has meant the WWE has created a scenario where a lot of excellent wrestlers are being chronically underused.

    That scenario is even more advanced when you consider that the main events are being consistently fronted up by the same men—as illustrated by John Cena's return at Hell in a Cell.

    Here, Bleacher Report takes a look at some of the WWE's most talented—yet underused—Superstars on the roster.

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Titus O'Neil

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    Let me make this abundantly clear. I don't have a problem with the Prime Time Players.

    In fact, I think they're a superb pairing, and they really should have won the WWE tag team titles by now. The only problem is, they haven't.

    And with the Rhodes Brothers now heading up the face pairings in the division, WWE should really consider splitting up Darren Young and Titus O'Neil. If given the right push by creative, O'Neil could really be something special.

    It seems such a shame to have O'Neil having sporadic appearances on TV tapings, without really going anywhere.

    And for what it's worth, O'Neil was involved in my favorite WWE moment of the year so far.


Antonio Cesaro

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    OK, I promise, I'm really not just picking on specific members of tag teams.

    However, Antonio Cesaro is wasted with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Pure and simple.

    Cesaro is one of the most technically gifted wrestlers on the roster. His reign as United States champion was superb, enthralling and featured some pretty good matches, if truth be told.

    Fans of wrestling beyond WWE know how good Cesaro (or Claudio Castagnoli) really is. At just 32 years of age, he still has plenty of time in the tank to go on and become a real champion within the company.

    Having Cesaro be part of a tag match at Battleground against Santino Marella and The Great Khali is just not really right for a guy like Cesaro. He's much better. Even the crowd gets him. Listen to the reaction at every WWE show when Cesaro performs his latest maneuver, The Cesaro Swing.

    So come on, creative, utilize Cesaro properly. You could have a born champion right on your doorstep.

Tyson Kidd

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    I'll just come out and say this: Tyson Kidd is awesome.

    There are rumors (according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, subscription required) that Kidd is about to resume his partnership with another highly underrated Superstar, Justin Gabriel. What a tag team that would be.

    He's already been a champion with The Hart Dynasty, but it never really happened with David Hart Smith. You couldn't really see a long-term champion out there.

    Since then, he's been tried and tested in a number of roles. The run as a heel was a really disastrous turn from WWE and creative, and Kidd has really struggled to recover.

    Injuries haven't helped either, of course. But Kidd is now back, and he was most recently wrestling on SmackDown against Los Matadores. That was under the name El Locals, with Ricardo Rodriguez. Kidd is better than that.

Justin Gabriel

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    Which brings us nicely to Justin Gabriel.

    He really played an excellent, if subdued, role when he first arrived as part of the Nexus. Regarded as the high-flying, energetic member of the group, Gabriel put on some stunning shows when he competed in the ring.

    His technical wrestling abilities do not even come into question. If they were to stand alone, he'd easily be in the elite bracket. The only thing is that Gabriel seems to lack a little bit of sparkle with his promo work.

    If they were to team him up with Kidd and have Tyson do a lot of the mic work, there could be a real tag team there with potential to challenge. Or just get the guy to put himself over better. If he can do that, we'll hopefully see a lot more of the South African.

    He'd certainly get people entertained in the ringthat is for sure.

Damien Sandow

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    If Justin Gabriel is one end of the scale, then Damien Sandow is his complete polar opposite.

    Where Gabriel struggles to really put himself over as a credible character in WWE, Sandow is one of the most interesting and entertaining with a mic in his hand. Some of his promo work has been nothing short of sensational.

    He's Mr. Money in the Bank, so where on Earth is Sandow?

    I understand that creative will look to bury him for a while so his cashing in of the contract comes from nowhere, but people aren't going to forget about Sandow, believe you and me.

    The pop when Sandow cashes in will be huge, and given the right treatment, he could be an excellent addition to the World Heavyweight Championship scene. Only Alberto Del Rio stands up as a credible heel in that division at this moment in time.

    He even managed to pull a decent rivalry out of Sheamus.

    Could his moment come at Hell in a Cell? Maybe. But if not, it had better be soon. Or at least let's see Sandow picking up some wins!