WWE Hell in a Cell 2013: Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton Must Have a Clean Finish

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistOctober 18, 2013

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton are having a showdown for the WWE Championship at the company's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 27.  Of course, this is not the first time that Bryan and Orton will be working for the title.  The belt is currently vacant from their last match and fans are undoubtedly hoping that will change when this match is over.

They're also hoping that nothing crazy happens in the end.  This one needs to have a clean finish.

WWE fans know that the end of Battleground was mired in controversy.  Bryan was seemingly moments away from winning the WWE title for the second time as everything seemed to be going his way.

But just when fans thought Bryan was on his way to victory, Big Show suddenly came down to the ring and stopped the match dead in its tracks.  Show knocked out both Bryan and Randy Orton, and that's where everything stopped.

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

The match did not continue and there was no new WWE champion crowned.  It was certainly not the ending that most fans likely wanted.

And that's why Hell in a Cell must end decisively, with one pin and one winner.  The truth is that fans deserve that much.

Since Orton's initial victory over Bryan at SummerSlam, we have witnessed the ongoing drama play out on WWE programming.  Every week, Bryan fights the odds, and every week, Bryan loses in the end.  

We have seen him laid out many more times than I personally ever thought possible.  The fact is that at this point, I for one believed Daniel Bryan would already be WWE champion.

But WWE's chief operating officer Triple H wants no part of that scenario.  And he has done everything in his power to prevent Daniel from fully realizing his dreams of becoming WWE champion.  Hunter has been the man directing traffic every week that Bryan attempts to make progress up the company ladder.  

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

The bottom line for Triple H is that Orton should be the man with the gold around his waist. There is just no room for Daniel at the top.

Yet the crowd has been fully supportive of Bryan and his efforts to reach the promised land. In fact, Daniel Bryan has become arguably the top Superstar in the company.  He consistently gets a great reaction from the audience, and the majority of fans have been behind him since day one.

So every time he's assaulted by The Shield, the crowd feels it.  Every time he's belittled by Triple H and Randy Orton, the fans are there for him.  And when he was stripped of the title on the Raw after Night of Champions, the WWE faithful fell faster than his expression.

They wanted to see him as WWE champion.  And they were let down.

So WWE has to deliver this time.  This angle has gone on for quite a while, long enough for Bryan to either overcome the odds or be overwhelmed by them.  But no matter what is going to happen, it needs to happen at Hell in a Cell.

And it's all in the hands of Shawn Michaels.

The Heartbreak Kid is the man in charge of calling this match.  And even though he has loyalties with his best friend Triple H and also has loyalties with his former student Daniel Bryan, HBK cannot be swayed.  He must call this match right down the middle.

Again, the fans deserve a clean finish.  We have seen enough screw-job endings in Daniel's matches, and if WWE expects to keep the emotional investment of the fans, then the company must come through on this one.

And Daniel deserves it as well.  If he is the man meant to go over, then he should do so with a clean pin, a regular three-count and no outside help or distractions of any kind.  For me, it's the only real way to legitimize his main event run and to solidify him as a potential top guy.  

How can fans take Bryan seriously as WWE champion if they know that he just barely won the title?  The fans deserve more and so does he.

WWE Hell in a Cell could be the night that we see the Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton feud finally end.  On that night, the WWE Championship is once again up for grabs, and this match needs to end with a clean finish.  The company owes it to the fans and to the men involved.

Whether or not we get it, however, remains to be seen.