WWE WTF: Vince McMahon's Phone Number, CM Punk to Fight a Power Ranger and More

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistOctober 17, 2013

WTF is one of Vince McMahon’s phone numbers doing on the Internet? Why is James Storm talking to TMZ about a bar? Is CM Punk really going to fight a Power Ranger? What’s so scary about WWE’s latest earnings call?

One of Vince McMahon’s phone numbers almost made it onto Twitter as the Brooklyn Brawler tweeted out a picture of him and WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino. Luckily, not only was this just a temporary on-site number, but several digits of the phone number did not make it on screen.

TNA wrestler James Storm told TMZ he plans to pitch a reality show focusing on his efforts to open a bar in Nashville. The show will feature Storm’s famous friends as guest patrons of his bar. No word yet on whether or not Kurt Angle has been booked for the debut episode.

CM Punk has found himself in yet another pseudo-beef, this time with the Green Ranger. Tommy David Frank caught wind of Punk issuing a tongue-in-cheek challenge to the Power Ranger-turned MMA fighter, and took Punk up on the challenge. Between Ryback and the Green Ranger, it’s hard to say which CM Punk opponent would be greener.

All this and much more on a Peabody-award-baiting episode of WWE WTF!