FIFA 14 Tutorial: How to Upload Your Videos and Goals to YouTube

Nick AkermanFeatured ColumnistOctober 17, 2013

Image courtesy of EA Sports.
Image courtesy of EA Sports.

You’ve just scored a screamer on FIFA 14, but nobody is around to see it.

Without any capture equipment or the ability to snatch decent video from your PC or console, how on earth will the world witness your uncontested greatness? Record the screen directly on your smartphone or tablet? Forget that.

Yes, that’s right, a handful of simple steps will allow you to upload any of your FIFA 14 videos to YouTube. All you’ll need is a PC or laptop, Internet connection and the ability to smash one in the back of the net from 30 yards.

Or indeed, a mesmerising failure that just needs to be seen by those browsing the web. How can you upload your videos? Let’s take a look.


Step One: Upload Your Clip

The first thing you need to do is produce the clip you want and upload it to EA Sports' website directly through the game.

Head towards "Instant Replay" in the pause menu, set the camera angles and timing you want and then hit upload. If you only save the video to your PC/console hard drive, it can be uploaded to the website at another time.


Step Two: Find Your Video Online

Now, this is the simple step that fools most people. Instead of heading to EA Sports' FIFA 14 dedicated website, use your EA Origin login to access

Make sure your Gamertag or PSN ID is linked to your Origin account and enter your details into the form that is situated in the top right-hand corner.

Once logged in, click on your name in the same section.

This will bring up an overview of your EA Sports related achievements. Just beneath the login, you’ll notice another version of your name with "Change +" next to it. Click on this and select the account that houses your video. If you uploaded your clip from the Xbox 360 version, there’s no point being in the PlayStation 3 section.

Once you've confirmed the correct alias, click on the "Media" button that is found underneath the "My Player Hub" title. Your clip should be listed in the videos section.

Image courtesy of EA Sports.
Image courtesy of EA Sports.


Step Three: Download Your Video

Select the video you wish to put on YouTube and wait for the next page to upload, where a decent-sized version of your footage should appear.

To the right of this Flash video, and underneath the clip’s rating, there’s a "Download Video" button. Click this and save the file straight into a folder you’ll remember. Be sure to rename the video upon saving, making it much easier to pick out if you’re doing more than one.

Sep 23, 2013; New York, NY, USA;  Guests play the New EA Sports  video game during the  FIFA 14 launch party  held at Union Square Ballroom. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports


Step Four: Upload to YouTube

Once your video is downloaded onto a PC or laptop, give it a test run via Windows Media Player or your software of choice.

While you can upload the video straight to YouTube, the website will complain it doesn’t recognise the file format. Don’t worry, your clip will still be processed and should create a preview within a few seconds of being submitted.

Quality will be exceptionally low in the beginning, so give the video time and allow it to buffer properly. You’ll be notified when the video is complete, and if it’s particularly dark, YouTube may offer to make slight enhancements for you.

Trying these adjustments doesn’t alter the video forever if you don’t approve. You will be offered the chance to restore it into original nick after the preview has taken place.

For those looking to maintain the best quality in their clips, download a free video converter and try one of the other video formats listed here.

Image courtesy of EA Sports.
Image courtesy of EA Sports.


Step Five: Share Your Video With the World

Once the previous steps have been completed, you’ll be able to share your clip with the world. Be sure to upload, share and promote as you please.


Should you have any questions about this process, feel free to post a comment below or hit me up on Twitter. Now, go get creating FIFA 14 fiends!