Damien Sandow Cashing in on John Cena Would Be Wise Move for WWE

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 18, 2013

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

WWE can make Damien Sandow the bear trap and John Cena the bear while an audience watches on in awe.

Of all the possible endings of the World Heavyweight Championship match at Hell in a Cell, Sandow cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on Cena would be the most gripping.

WWE has a chance to send Alberto Del Rio into a tailspin, while making Sandow a megastar and giving a timely punch to the gut to Cena's fanbase. Cena would have a rival to contend with right away and the era of the "Intellectual Savior" would begin in the best possible way.

Sandow is going to cash in eventually. There's isn't a cash-in option for him more flooded with drama than Cena right after his return from surgery unless Cody Rhodes were to win the title with his dad and new wife watching at ringside.

Looking back at the biggest, most moving moments of the year so far reminds us of the power of a Money in the Bank cash-in. 

Dolph Ziggler's storming in with his Money in the Bank briefcase while Alberto Del Rio winced in the corner, barely able to stand, generated one of the best crowd reactions in recent memory. Months later, Randy Orton cut through falling confetti to set fire to Daniel Bryan's WWE Championship celebration parade.

WWE has another chance to take advantage of perfect timing and a man with a contract-filled briefcase to make a lasting memory.

Cena's stature makes him the ideal victim of a cash-in. Even with as popular as Daniel Bryan has been, there's no bigger star in WWE. That makes him his head the ultimate hunting trophy.

Sandow cashing in on Del Rio would make him a champion; Sandow cashing in on Cena would be like strapping a jet pack to his career.

For different reasons, both Cena's haters and his fans would experience a shot of emotion through their veins should Sandow rip the world title from his hands.

WWE has built up Cena's return as a man's will fighting through pain and making it back to the ring long before he was expected to. Should Del Rio injure the elbow he had surgery on, both during and after the match, Sandow swooping in would be an instant candidate for moment of the year.

Sandow's villainy resume is lacking, but cashing in on Cena would be his masterwork.

WWE would have a man booked mostly as a midcarder morph into a top heel in a single night. Taking out WWE's biggest name helps erase the memories of Sandow's losses, failures and the embarrassing image of Sheamus hitting him with a sack of potatoes.

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Cena, whose two-month absence left him out of WWE's current McMahon-heavy storylines, would be placed opposite a new, exciting rival. We've seen CM Punk and Randy Orton take on the Cenation leader several times over. Novelty will spark fan interest in a Sandow and Cena feud.

With Cena's heartfelt speeches and Sandow's machete-sharp wit, there's no doubt that the promos between these two would be must-see TV.

We've already seen that these two have good in-ring chemistry as well. Sandow and Cena faced off on an episode of WWE Main Event in November of 2012, in a match that was dramatic and intense at moments. This is a sneak preview of what they could do in a headlining bout.

Post cash-in, their next matchup would be teeming with emotion. Survivor Series' world title match would be a fine one. WWE then has the option to keep Sandow champion until the right moment to rekindle his and Rhodes' rivalry, now with more at stake.

As for Del Rio, he can take his frustrations out on his next opponent, sparking a new feud while WWE has a new scoundrel atop the ladder. 

Neither Del Rio winning at Hell in a Cell nor Cena leaving the pay-per-view as champ has nearly the explosive power of Sandow cashing in. Those options are campfires, while Sandow stealing gold from Cena would be an immense wildfire.