7 WWE Superstars in Need of a Manager or Valet

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 17, 2013

7 WWE Superstars in Need of a Manager or Valet

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    Some WWE Superstars do their mountain climbing solo, while others need the pro wrestling equivalent of a Sherpa—a manager, valet or other advocate.

    A manager can boost a idling career, as seen by the transformation from Michael McGillicutty to Curtis Axel. The Usos, for example, need someone added to their corner—a slick talker or a famous face.

    Zeb Colter has been a blessing for Jack Swagger, and Summer Rae adds to the reasons to tune into Fandango. 

    Other Superstars would benefit from having someone elevate them in similar ways. Those wrestlers who struggle to work the microphone as well as champions looking for an added edge could use a good manager.

    Does anyone have Slick's number?


The Usos

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    Every match The Usos have is proof of their talent.

    Their high-flying, speedy style has led to some exciting bouts between them and The Shield in recent weeks. Why, then, did Cody Rhodes and Goldust surpass them as No. 1 contenders? The answer is in what The Usos offer beyond in-ring ability.

    Jimmy and Jey come off as likable, cool guys, but they don't have the kind of larger-than-life presence that is such a big part of WWE.

    A manager can be a mouthpiece for them and help engage the audience on a personal level in promos. WWE hasn't put The Usos in any storylines that require as much verbally as what the Rhodes brothers are doing or what Team Hell No did earlier this year.

    That's likely a result of a lack of confidence in The Usos handling roles like that. A manager can do that work for them while they fly around the ring and thrill fans.

    Their famous dad would be an entertaining option. 

Justin Gabriel

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    The Justin Gabriel fan club is sometimes forced to go weeks without seeing the "Capetown Werewolf" in action.

    Superstars like Los Matadores and Santino Marella are featured more than him because they are more distinct characters. Gabriel is skilled in the ring and one of the most athletic guys on the roster, as evidenced by moves like the 450 splash, but he lacks spark beyond the ropes.

    Rather than have Gabriel warm the bench, letting an attractive woman or wordy manager lead him to the ring would allow him to stand out far more.

    Haku was better off with Bobby Heenan spouting conspiracy theories for him, as he was a compelling character to go along with Haku's in-ring excellence. Gabriel would have a more successful career if NXT's Enzo Amore, Ring of Honor's Truth Martini or some other manager played the same role for him.


Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio's biggest weakness, lack of connection with the crowd, is easily solvable.

    Despite his excellence in the ring and deftness at villainy, Del Rio struggles to get strong reactions from crowds and regularly gets  called "boring." Ricardo Rodriguez once helped create a pathos for Del Rio as a good guy and depth for him as a bad guy, but he has since left the world champ behind.

    Whether WWE reunites this modern-day version of Ted DiBiase and Virgil or seeks someone new, Del Rio would benefit from someone at ringside.

    His abusive relationship with Rodriguez was a means for him to show off how aggressive and heartless he can be as a heel. It also made him a more complex character, as he treated his employee with disdain but also had an intimate relationship with him.

    Without Rodriguez's presence, Del Rio has felt more two-dimensional. 



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    Having an imaginary child at his side may have been silly, but it made R-Truth more interesting.

    Little Jimmy was not a manager in the traditional sense but instead an added character element that R-Truth had to work with. The fake kid gave R-Truth's enemies another target and so provided another source of pathos in a strange way.

    Without him, R-Truth is like Al Snow without Head.

    The rapper/wrestler is capable on the mic, but something new is needed. Singing "What's Up?" and dancing in the ring doesn't have the entertainment value it once did.

    One of the Divas from NXT would make an interesting pairing, as would bringing in someone unexpected like Bill Alfonso.

The Prime Time Players

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    Abraham Washington was the driving force behind The Prime Time Players.

    He played up their money-making angle and provided energy and humor to their team. Titus O'Neil and Darren Young are fun on their own, but having A.W.'s onscreen guidance made them feel like more of a threat.

    An ill-advised joke about Kobe Bryant ended that relationship.

    Now The Prime Time Players find themselves in need of something to propel them into Tag Team title contention. The Wyatt Family has the unsettling Bray Wyatt, The Real Americans have Zeb Colter and O'Neil and Young would do well with another element to their team, be it a lovely lady or Jimmy Hart-type cornerman.