SU Women's Lax wins 24-6 against Colgate

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SU Women's Lax wins 24-6 against Colgate
Katie Rowan scores 11 points, seven goals and four assists. Her performance led to a 17 goal first half for the Orange. Rowan also became the school's all-time leading scorer.

One of the referees made a classy move stopping play after Rowan broke the record to make sure the ball was taken out of play for Rowan to keep.

I was sitting third row behind Coach Gary Gait and it seemed he didn't pick up on what the ref was doing at first which gave the crowd a little chuckle during this laugher of a game (pun was totally intended there).

This game got ugly and ugly fast. I was in attendance for the first half when the Orange absolutely poured it on. The 'Cuse scored six goals in the first seven minutes, including four in a 46 second span. That's just insane and not right.

I'm not a women's lacrosse connoisseur, so I cannot break down the women's lacrosse team in detail. What is very noticeable for someone new to the game is girls who can just move the ball the around are very successful.

Katie Rowan, Haley Quillanan, Christina Dove, and company are very talented at receiving passes and making quick, deliberate actions with the ball. This allows them to move the ball faster than the defense can react which leads to a lot of one on one situations with the goalie.

Colgate goalie Sara Drexler didn't stand a chance tonight. Most of the 'Cuse's shots came at point blank range that the best goalie's in America probably wouldn't stop.

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