B/R Turns Into WWE Smackdown!: Key to Normality

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B/R Turns Into WWE Smackdown!: Key to Normality
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Out Of Character Announcements: Hey guys, I would like to say that Extreme Rules in three weeks will be the same as WWE's whereas all matches will have a stipulation. Also the Great American Bash has been renamed The Bash so that will be in effect for us as well in July.

Also a new pay per view naming contest came up on WWE.com where the show will feature all matches as submission matches. I personally voted Breaking Point. Anyways, enjoy Smackdown!

I do feel this edition of Smackdown was basically pretty disappointing. Not that much ring action compared to promos. I have to build up for Extreme Rules and the show after a PPV is mostly promos or random matches. So I apologize if you do not love the episode.

Also Smackdown has released M, who was scheduled to be out of action for six months after his match with Ron Johnson at Judgment Day. We wish him best in his future endeavors (Take that WWE!). Also Smackdown signed Marc to a developmental deal.


(Xavier) Ladies and gentlemen, we are live in high definition straight from the Pepsi Center in Denver (Ha! Take that, WWE) were we will see some great matches including the debut of Josh Swell!

(Cain) I can not wait for that! Smackdown stole the show last Sunday at Judgment Day. We will also see Dan Telek take on Kevin Canny in a number one contender's match for Dub Sizzle's newly won United States Championship.

AkD's music hits and comes out to a huge ovation. He has a mic in his hand and the WWE Championship is over his other shoulder. He walks into the ring.

(AkD) I have done something that no champion on Raw or ECW has done before. I have held this World Championship longer than anyone else on any brand has done yet. I have proven that Smackdown is the heart of true champions in this business!

Crowd still cheering loudly.

(AkD) You see, since I had won this belt in April I have been defending it week after week for the Smackdown Nation and tonight will be no different. Tonight I face Josh Swell...

Crowd cheering much more for Swell

(AkD) I face Swell in a WWE Championship match later tonight and prove once again that I am a true champion.

Crowd cheers as the lights go out as they have been at Judgment Day and over the past few weeks on Smackdown!. The lights are out as the voice appears on the titantron.

(?) Hell on earth. Adrenaline rushing in me and I will win what is rightfully mine. I'm sick of being heard as the "Mystery Man" or the "Question Mark Guy." My name is Masque of Red Death and I want respect. I do not care if I face Swell, Sizzle, or anyone else, I want attention. 

You all are sick, but luckily I am the cure. Good evening.

Lights go back on as Masque is behind AkD and picks him up for The Antidote (Death Vally Driver), But Josh Swell sprints down the ramp with a steel chair and hits Masque over the head with it. Masque is down as the lights go off and when they come back on, he is gone.

Swell and AkD look at each other in the ring as the WWE Championship lies between them on the mat. Swell points at it and walks out to some cheers.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as a Jev Thorpe return promo is shown. Two weeks away and there are some words muttered in the promo that were: Salvation, Truth, and Vengeance.

(RA) This match is the No. 1 contender's match for the United States Championship! Introducing first, the "Hitman" Kevin Canny!

Canny comes out to a mixed reaction.

(RA) And his opponent, being joined by Jay Rob the Legacy Kid, Dan Telek!

Telek and Jay come out to a huge pop as Dan walks into the ring.

Bell rings and we are under way.

We start off as Telek hits Canny with a quick dropkick and Canny falls straight to the mat. Telek quickly does a leg drop on to Canny and he connects. Telek now looks confident as he goes to the top rope. He goes for a moonsault, but Canny rolls out just in the nick of time.

Canny rolls outside the ring and Dan Telek follows. The two are going back and forth outside the ring as the referee is starting the ten count. As he is counting, Canny is now in control as he reverses a lariat by Telek and Canny throws Telek into the ring steps. He looks to be in serious pain as Canny walks back into the ring.

The referee is at five until Telek somehow manages to get in the ring. Telek then hits his elbow straight into Canny as he goes down and Telek goes for the Sharpshooter.

Canny easily breaks out of the Sharpshooter and trips Telek as Dan falls on to the mat. Canny now locks in the Sharpshooter on Telek. Telek is about to tap out until Dub Sizzle runs into the ring and takes out Canny with a running big boot. The referee rings the bell as this is a no contest.

Sizzle then tosses Canny over the top and picks up Telek for the Demon Driver until Jay Rob saves him as he quickly gets to the top rope and hits a crossbody on to Sizzle as Telek gets out of the way.

Jay then goes for the Chiropractor until Sterling Eby and Christi Lott come down as they both run to the ring. Lott hits him with a low blow as Eby hits an Edgecution on to Jay. Telek then comes to hit Eby, but Dozer comes through the crowd and knocks down Telek.

Eby, Lott, and Dozer celebrate until another interference as Andrea Claire runs down the ramp and taunts Lott from the outside. Lott angrily walks towards Claire until Claire grabs her and drags her out of the ring as they are fighting on the outside.

Eby tries to help, but Jay Rob is back in and hits Eby with an enziguri. Then Dub Sizzle comes back in and hits the Demon Driver on to Jay. Then Telek hits Sizzle with the Supernova and Dozer hits Telek with Unsealed Destiny (Stunner followed by an STO) Dozer celebrates until Tim List comes through the crowd with the Cruiserweight Championship and hits Dozer with it.

Meanwhile on the outside, Jay took out Eby, Telek took out Sizzle, and Claire took out Lott. All the faces accompany Tim List in the ring as they celebrate and Jay Rob grabs a mic.

(Jay) Tonight, Dan Telek, Andrea Claire, Tim List, and myself are now known as Strictly Business! And we are looking for gold, so how about we make a deal? At Extreme Rules, we have Strictly Business take on you guys in a 6 man tag team match.

Fans cheer as Eby takes a mic.

(Eby) You know what? Let's make this a TLC match and you have a deal!

(Jay) Deal! See you in three weeks.

Strictly Business celebrates in the ring as the heels walks down the ramp.

(Commercial Break)

(Cain) Can you believe what we just saw?! A new faction challenging Sterling Eby, Dub Sizzle, and Dozer to a six man TLC match at Extreme Rules?! This is great!

(Xavier) Absolutely and we have a few announcements. First of all it is confirmed for Extreme Rules that Dub Sizzle, Dozer, and Sterling Eby will take on Dan Telek, Jay Rob, and Cruiserweight Champion Tim List in a TLC tag team match.

(Cain) And that is not all. Next week will be Strictly Business taking on their opponents at Extreme Rules in individual matches. We will see Dub Sizzle vs. Dan Telek, Jay Rob vs. Sterling Eby, and Andrea Claire vs. Christi Lott.

(Backstage Segment: DJ Rallo, Demetrus Stokes, Jared Farver in Rallo's office)

Rallo is on the phone until the door knocks.

(Rallo) Come in.

Farver and Stokes walk in.

(Rallo) Hey guys. What is up?

(Farver) Well we have a little problem. You see, Stokes and I were supposed to be facing M tonight if he made it through Judgment Day. He ironically didn't though and our question is how we can make a name for ourselves on Smackdown.

(Stokes) Seriously. We have taken on Blue Chip for weeks and we want competition, not some guy who does not have any friends here. What can we do?

(Rallo) Look, I see what you are saying and I made a deal with Raw General Manager, Svyato Rovenchuk. You will be facing the team of Blue Chip and Daris Brown and the winners will take on Jason Savage and Ste Eccles for the Unified Tag Team Championships at Extreme Rules in a match of their choosing. So good luck in your match. And it is next.

Stokes and Farver shake DJ's hand as they walk out and head for the entrance ramp.

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a number one contender's match for the Unified Tag Team Championships! Introducing first the team of Jared Farver and Demetrus Stokes!

They walk out to a big pop.

(RA) And their opponents, the team of Daris Brown and Blue Chip.

They walk out as Daris and Chip come out to a huge amount of heat.

The bell rings and we are under way.

We start with Farver and Chip in the ring as Farver quickly hits Chip down with a series of Flair-like chops.

Daris is screaming "Don't lose your focus!" over and over as Chip is still being manhandled by Farver.

 Farver throws him into his corner and tags in Demetrus Stokes. Both men are in the ring as they connect a 3D to Chip. Farver goes back on the outside as Stokes goes for the pinfall.

Daris quickly breaks the count as Stokes looks pissed and the referee makes Brown go back to the outside of the mat. Stokes tags Farver back in and Farver kicks Chip right into the turnbukle where Brown is as Daris tags himself in.

Daris hits Farver with a clothesline and then knocks Stokes on the apron. Stokes is now down on the outside as Daris picks up Jared in a powerbomb position, but turns it into a piledriver.

He gets the three count on Farver as Brown and Chip will take on the Unified Tag Team Champions at Extreme Rules. Daris celebrates in the ring with Chip as Stokes looks in disbelief.

(Commercial Break)

(Backstage Interview: Eby, Lott, Sizzle, and Dozer)

(BA) Please welcome my guests, Sterling Eby, Christi Lott, Dozer, and the US Champion Dub Sizzle.

They walk in together as the crowd is heavily booing them.

(BA) Well we now know that Strictly Business is on the same page for Extreme Rules, but how are you guys.

(Eby) How are we? How are we!? We are fine and as long as Strictly Business keep running their mouths about how they want gold, we will be there to make sure there is no happy ending.

(Sizzle) That is correct Eby. I need competition. Today is Memorial Day, the day that we celebrate all this country has to offer. We have immigrants taking citizens' jobs, Mexican disease spreading throughout this country, high crime rates, and a mediocre government. Real pleasant place to be in right now. But aside from the point, Rallo does not put the United States Champion in the ring tonight. Fine, I can wait.

(Lott) As for me in this group. I am here to take out that wannabe bi*ch, Andrea Claire. She debuts with a surprise attack and thinks she deserves to be in the same ring as me?! Well this is not strictly business, this is personal.

Dozer just does the title belt motion around his waist as all of them leave.

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This match is scheduled for one fall. Currently in the ring, Chedda Bob!

No crowd reaction.

(RA) And his opponent, Ron Johnson!

Huge pop for Ron as he walks out.

The bell rings and we are under way

We start with Chedda getting a little bit of offence on to Johnson with a clothesline, but Johnson quickly gets up and hits one of his own clotheslines on to Bob and then hits a big boot to knock Chedda on the mat.

Chedda is down until Ron picks him up and connects the Omega Drop and goes for the pinfall. Three count as Johnson wins the match.

Jev Thorpe's music then hits as he is on the titantron with a mic.

(Thorpe) Two weeks Johnson, until I speak of your unfortunate "mistake"

Johnson looks confused as Thorpe disappears as we go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This match is for the WWE Championship! Introducing both participants, Josh Swell and the WWE Champion, AkD.

Both men are already in the ring as the referee holds up the belt as this match is underway.

We start with them both locking up until AkD hits a leg sweep and knocks Swell down. AkD goes for an arm submission, but Swell reverses and hits an arm drag to knock AkD down to the mat. Swell is now up and locks AkD in a full nelson. AkD gets out of it by getting to the ropes. Swell looks distressed as AkD looks like he has not been hurt.

Swell then runs towards AkD, but AkD gets behind Swell and connects with three consecutive german suplexes. He goes for the pinfall to Swell but only gets a two count. AkD looks angered as he throws Swell into the turnbuckle.

AkD then charges at him, but Swell reverses with a kick and he follows with a cross body from the second rope. He goes for the pin and gets a two count.The fans are really pleased with the fast paced action.

Swell then goes back to the top rope, but AkD athletically jumps to the top turnbuckle and starts fighting Swell on the top until Swell pushes AkD down and goes for an elbow drop.

It just misses as AkD rolls away right in time and then AkD hits Swell with a T-Bone Suplex out of nowhere and goes for the pin. Two count only as AkD is becoming more and more frustrated.

AkD then picks up Swell and attempts to lift him on his shoulders, but Swell counters by getting off of AkD, getting behind him, and then locking in the full nelson to AkD.

AkD looks as though he is ready to submit until the lights go out and the Masque of Red Death appears on the titantron.

(Death) Swell. You are contaminated with disease, yet I am the cure. I shall connect an Antidote and make you see and feel what I do. Red Death.

The lights go back on as Swell is distressed but AkD is behind him. When Swell turns around, AkD hits him with a Paydirt and gets the three count.

(RA) Your winner and still the WWE Champion, AkD!

Heavy ovation for AkD as he helps up Swell and they shake hands until the lights go off again and when they come back, AkD is on the ramp as Red Death is in the ring with Swell. He has a mic.

(Masque) You...Me....Extreme Rules....Inferno Match. You have until next week to decide your fate, but good night for now.

Masque low blows Swell and hits The Antidote to Swell. "Cure" by Metallica goes off as he disappears and AkD looks confused on the ramp. This concludes this week's Smackdown.

Quick Match Results

Dan Telek vs Kevin Canny (No Contest)

Daris Brown and Blue Chip def. Demetrus Stokes and Jared Farver

Ron Johnson def. Chedda Bob

AkD def Josh Swell

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