Triple H Has to Maintain Perception of Strength in Feud with Big Show

Joseph SheltonContributor IIIOctober 16, 2013

Big Show delivers a WMD to WWE COO Triple H.
Big Show delivers a WMD to WWE COO Triple H.

Although it has actually been quite pleasant to view Triple H as a strong heel, he's going to have to work extra hard to maintain that level if he is to end his feud with Big Show on a high note. Granted, we're not talking about an Evolution-type heel run for Triple H (a run I believe was his strongest as a heel), but one that maybe takes a bit of that with a little bit of Attitude Era-Vince McMahon.

In short, he needs to be strong and brutal handed.

It seemed to be working out with the Big Show quite nicely at first. Show was the reluctant puppet doing the master's bidding, and despite his incessant crying, I believe they should have drawn it out a little more and let the feud gain some more steam. We needed time to build up our disdain of Triple H.

Meanwhile, they needed time to move from the land of black and white and become immersed in the fans' hatred. The punch from Show and the supposed broken jaw was fun to watch, but it didn't feel like it was yet deserved.

That being said, Triple H just hasn't seemed like the paragon of brutality that we're so used to seeing him as. It killed me when before getting clobbered by Big Show, he hid behind The Shield. That's right, folks. Triple H hid. Not Randy Orton, Curtis Axel or Paul Heyman. Nope. The "Destroyer." WWE's answer to Thor. Let that one sink in a bit.

Now, in his feud with Big Show, we're seeing something different.

Show is the one who seems to be getting inside of the head of the Cerebral Assassin. That's a slightly odd approach to things and one that does the COO no favors. It's an exhausted formula in typical wrestling feuds. Heel torments face, face snaps, heel runs and hides, big match occurs.

By this time next year, no one will really remember this feud that well. They may remember the CM Punk-Heyman hack-a-thon to a certain degree, but this feud will just be like any other wrestling feud.

That can be fixed, though, if Triple H falls back a little on the strong aspect that made him The Game.

He needs to maintain an air of ruthlessness. Bring back the sledgehammer, even. Just as long as he shows no fear. Instead of hiding behind The Shield, maybe he could meet Show face-to-face. Pull what The Miz did when he was met on the ramp by Bray Wyatt a couple of weeks ago: throw down

If Triple H were to stand up and match Show's head games tit-for-tat, it would lend a level of intensity that would vitalize this feud and make it more than just an Attitude Era tribute. No offense to the Rhodes brothers (kudos on the tag team title win), but it's kind of bad when a tag team saga is more interesting to watch than the WWE title picture, CM Punk or this feud, for that matter. 

So, in short, it's time for Triple H to play the game.

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