It's Time to End the Chase and Let Daniel Bryan Be WWE Champion While It Matters

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistOctober 16, 2013

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Time is running out on the logic clock for Daniel Bryan to become WWE Champion.

I recognized this and wrote at the beginning of Bryan's pursuit of the WWE title in August that the money is in the chase. That's where the excitement is. That can apply to many life situations, but especially to booking professional wrestling.

Look at when any top name successfully made a lot of money. Goldberg was in the grand chase with his undefeated streak. Steve Austin would win the title, lose it after being screwed by Vince McMahon, and they would keep going. There are many more examples that prove how valuable the chase is.

I pictured the Bryan chase going to November. That would have been good if it was done right. 

Big Show has outsmarted and stood tall over Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He's looked strong twice in the last two weeks. That's more than Bryan has in two months.

The chase is where the money is, but there has to be a finish line to the chase. How many more times can Bryan look like a fool or get screwed out of a pay-per-view win before the fans lose hope in him? I'm starting to worry that Bryan will never reach the finish line and will simply be run off the course.

In theory, I like what WWE is doing building subplots off of the top storyline. You have Bryan chasing after the title and Randy Orton. You have Shawn Michaels now in the fold, with the question as to what he will do. You have the abuse of power by Triple H and Stephanie, against which Big Show is leading the fight.

I like it all in theory but fear what reality holds. I don't want the decision-makers to be distracted or ignore who matters, and that's Bryan. He's the most over. He he has the most to offer the company.

Right now, because of how those subplots have been booked, Bryan is the fourth-biggest story in WWE's presentation....maybe.

John Cena is returning. Big Show has gone rogue and is causing chaos. Shawn Michaels has ties to so many people and Hell in a Cell―what will he do? Let's not forget about CM Punk's issues with Paul Heyman and the Rhodes brothers taking the tag team titles off of The Shield.

WWE is taking advantage of stereotypes, with Triple H as the big bad boss who says Daniel Bryan doesn't belong. There is a perception by some that Triple H is just that. He's the guy who abuses his power and buries others.

I know WWE knows what they're doing with this storyline, playing off those perceptions. I'm trying to keep faith that they are using those perceptions to set up the chase but will truly do what is best for business and provide the payoff needed.

Time is quickly disappearing for that payoff to be worth more than what Bryan would be making in those high school gyms.