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Debate: Which QB Would You Rather Have Right Now, Luck or Manning?

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Debate: Which QB Would You Rather Have Right Now, Luck or Manning?
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Sunday's Broncos-Colts matchup is the buzz of the NFL, with Peyton returning to Indianapolis for the first time since Irsay put all his eggs in the Andrew Luck basket. Irsay made headlines this week when he said that they let Manning go to win more Super Bowls, sparking major controversy. If you had the choice, who would you rather have at the helm right now, Luck or Manning?


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JaMarcus Russell. He has more arm power than both of them and when is the last time a quarterback was “fit" enough to play linebacker too
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The media is destroying the return of Peyton Manning, the greatest Indy Colt ever to Indianapolis. Why are we trying to compare Luck and Manning? Both...
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Manning easily because the question is worded as "right now". Even 3 years from now my answer will be the same. That's how good manning is...
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