Brooklyn Nets Mascot Air-Balls Trampoline Dunk, Gets Ball Stuck in Shot Clock

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Hopefully, you haven't yet had your daily dose of weird, because here it comes.

During a routine trampoline-propelled, cheerleader-clearing dunk, the Brooklyn Nets mascot, BrooklyKnight, lost control of the ball in midair and somehow wedged it in between the beams underneath the shot clock.

A special thank you to Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated for digging up evidence that the Nets do, in fact, baste their basketballs in butter and olive oil before every game.

Retrieving the slippery round thing proved problematic.

BrooklyKnight's cape is clearly just for show, and he was unable to soar through the air once again to get it back. So the Nets did the next best thing by sending in reinforcements, or as was the case here, Andray Blatche and a broom.

After Blatche's household cleaning supplies failed him, neither the Nets nor the Boston Celtics had any other choices—they would have to play on.

The dangers of plowing on were clear and present.

Olive oil could have trickled its way off the ball, down the hoop and into a player's eye. Depending on how much pressure was being applied, the ball could have also exploded, causing everyone in the arena with both supersonic hearing and a fear of popping balloons to frantically evacuate.

Nothing of the sort happened, fortunately. Brooklyn went on to win 82-80, and the only injury sustained as a result was the one to BrooklyKnight's ego.

Worry not, though, our Batman/Spawn-looking friend. You're not the first one to botch an easy look at the basket. Nick Young's inaccuracy knows no bounds either. 

Swaggy P and yourself can now join forces, commiserate and attend Ugly Air Balls Anonymous meetings in the dead of the night.

Next time, just remember Dark Knights are known for rising, while BrooklyKnights are notorious for their Crisco-like grip.

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