WWE Hell in a Cell 2013: Bold Predictions for Latest WWE Event

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIOctober 18, 2013

WWE Hell in a Cell 2013: Bold Predictions for Latest WWE Event

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    With every WWE pay-per-view the WWE tries to give the WWE Universe a show worth remembering. They have to give the fans a product that is worthy of not only the heightened price of admission, but the price for simply viewing it from home as well. 

    On Oct. 27 the WWE will once again attempt to impress the WWE Universe and, after all of the shenanigans at Battleground, the stakes are higher than ever. Thankfully for the WWE, they have one of the WWE's most fiendish stipulations on their side; Hell in a Cell. 

    With the pressure to produce after a rough Battleground show and the endless potential for craziness in a Hell in a Cell setting, the WWE will pull out all the stops to get the fans excited, and what better way to get the fans going than tossing in a few crazy swerves at Hell in a Cell? 

    Here are a few bold predictions for WWE's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. 


Heyman Escapes CM Punk's Grasp Again

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    Paul Heyman and CM Punk have been doing battle since Money in the Bank, and after months of the "Paulrus" narrowly escaping the clutches of the Straightedge Superstar, it seems like this feud has finally run its course.

    It has to end at Hell in a Cell, right? Wrong.

    Curtis Axel vs. CM Punk just wasn't very good, and while the addition of Ryback made this feud a little better, how could it possibly end now? With John Cena setting his sights on the World Heavyweight Championship and Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton firmly entrenched in the authority storyline over the WWE Championship, where would Punk fit in?

    Where would he go after this? Unfortunately, nowhere.

    This feud has gone on too long, but without anywhere to fit in, it has to continue.  

    The Punk-Heyman feud has been great when it focuses on their verbal back-and-forth, but when it comes to the in-ring action, things haven't been so dandy. The WWE Universe has been treated to essentially the same matches that we saw during the Ryback-Punk feud last year, which makes one think that this feud should be on its last legs. 

    This feud has shown all the signs of coming to an end, but with nothing in line for Punk after Heyman, the WWE could throw a wrench into things at Hell in a Cell. It could find a way for Heyman to escape Punk within the WWE's most dangerous structure and keep the Second City Saint preoccupied until creative has something new for him. 

The WWE Does a Crazy Spot Involving the Cell

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    It seems like just yesterday that Punk and Ryback were doing battle at Hell in the Cell. As they prepare for their second meeting in the cell this year, fans will have a tough time forgetting the WWE's major tease at the end of last year's match when Ryback and Punk climbed to the top of the cell. There, Ryback delivered a Shellshock onto the top of the cell, which was shocking for the current WWE, which once tossed a Superstar off the side of the cell and through the top of the cell on a few occasions. 

    Could the WWE try to upstage its spot from last year and pull off a crazy, Mick Foley-esque spot at Hell in a Cell? Normally, no, but this year could be different.

    The WWE is coming off a ho-hum Battleground pay-per-view and has struggled to pull the expected TV ratings week in and week out. Vince McMahon has already brought Cena back early from injury to spice up the pay-per-view, so who knows what the CEO might decide to call for at the last second to bring viewers back to his show.

    What match would be a good fit for a crazy spot, though? How about Punk vs. Ryback, Orton vs. Bryan or the tag team title match that will most likely be announced soon? 

    If the WWE ever had an opportunity to call for a huge, mind-blowing spot, now wouldn't be a bad time. WWE programming hasn't been exciting and crisp as of late, so a huge spot could be what the company needs to bring viewers to TV, at least for a week or two.  

Shawn Michaels Sides with Triple H

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    This whole HBK-as-the-special-guest-referee thing just seems fishy, especially after the Showstopper's promo on Raw, where he said that he "doesn't like Orton." With Michaels' history with both guys, it seems obvious that HBK will side with his former trainee, Daniel Bryan.

    It's a little too obvious. 

    While a WWE champion will most likely by crowned (finally) at Hell in a Cell, it doesn't mean there won't be any shenanigans. What if Triple H somehow convinces his best friend that the strap needs to be put on Orton? 

    It would be shocking to see HBK flip on Bryan and the WWE Universe, but it wouldn't be that hard to pull of. Here's how it could go down:

    Bryan delivers the flying knee to Orton out of nowhere after a hard-fought match full of false finishes. Then, just as he stands up to make the cover—Pow! Sweet chin music hits Bryan right in the heart of the beard, and then HBK drags Orton onto Bryan and counts 1-2-3. 

    Talk about bold. 

Goldust Turns on Cody Rhodes

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    This is possibly the boldest prediction of them all: Goldust will turn on his brother and co-tag team champion, Cody Rhodes.

    While it may seem ridiculous, especially considering the new gold that the Rhodes Bros earned last Monday, you can't rule anything out in the WWE. 

    It would be a long shot for these two to split up so quickly, but the WWE needs some swerves and surprises to breathe a little life into its programming. Having Goldust turn on Rhodes and side with Triple H—technically the man who gave him his job backwould not only make for great TV but could set up a WrestleMania battle between Rhodes and Goldy.

    After seeing how good Goldust looks and how good Rhodes has always been, that battle would be a treat on WWE's grandest stage. 

Damien Sandow Cashes in on John Cena

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    With all of the hubbub surrounding the World Heavyweight Championship and Cena making a speedy return to the ring, the WWE Universe is forgetting about someone: a certain bearded, robe-donning Superstar who refers to himself as the "Intellectual Savior of the Masses."

    Fans are forgetting about Damien Sandow. The same Sandow who holds a Money in the Bank briefcase, a "Sandow-ized" case, but a Money in the Bank briefcase nonetheless. 

    Cena's shocking return to the ring isn't just a great way to spice up the World Heavyweight Championship picture. It's also a great way to distract the WWE Universe and make fans forget about Sandow, especially if Cena isn't feeling healthy enough to make a run as the champ.

    If Cena is only ready for a few matches, having a surprising cash-in will be the best way to make for an exciting pay-per-view segment and a solution to a stagnant World Heavyweight Championship picture.  

    Sandow has paid his dues on the midcard and has shown that he has what it takes to connect with the audience. A shocking cash-in at Hell in a Cell would be the perfect way to get the belt on Sandow and start a new feud with either Cena or Alberto Del Rio.