WWE Hell in a Cell 2013: Championships That Should Change Hands at the Event

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistOctober 17, 2013

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

WWE Hell in a Cell is coming up on October 27 and for fans, this is likely a very important event.  The reason for that is the fact that the company's last pay-per-view Battleground was not exactly the hit that WWE was hoping for.

The biggest cause of disappointment for fans was surely the main event, in which Daniel Bryan was seemingly moments away from winning the WWE Championship for a third time. As we all know, Big Show was sent to the ring by Stephanie McMahon, ultimately costing Daniel the win and the title belt.

This was obviously not the outcome that Bryan's fans wanted and when combined with the rest of the card, it made for an event that was less than impressive.  

However, WWE does have the opportunity to redeem itself with Hell in a Cell.  While fans look forward to October 27, the real drama for me lies in the company's championships. And there are two titles that I feel need to change hands that night.


The United States Championship

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

On October 14, fans saw Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns lose the WWE Tag Team Championships to Cody and Dustin Rhodes.  The Rhodes family was riding a wave of momentum that actually began the week before at Battleground when they beat The Shield to gain their employment with the company.  

Both losses were a big deal for Rollins and Reigns, as for the first time they were evenly matched in practically every way with another tag team.  And in both cases, it was one of the very few moments that fans saw Rollins and Reigns fall in a match.  

And now it may be time we see their third member fall as well.

For me, this all plays into the possibility that The Shield is beginning to crack.  They have always weathered the storm despite what challenge has been put in front of them but this time it's a little different.  This time they came up short.  Rollins and Reigns threw everything they had at Cody and Dustin and they lost; twice.

Now begins the real drama of WWE's hottest faction.  Will The Shield rebound after two major defeats? Could Triple H punish them in some way?  Will they implode as a result of the pressure?

For me, the drama would only increase if Dean Ambrose lost the United States Championship.  It would add to the turmoil that could already potentially be brewing between The Shield's members, causing fan interest to grow and perhaps some real depth of character to begin.

After all, we know what The Shield look like when they dominate.  We see who they are when they're on top and everything is clicking on all cylinders.  But how well equipped are they to handle defeat?  For a trio that usually wins most of the time, how would they cope with losing both championships in such high profile matches?

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

The fact is there's no real drama in a character that wins all the time.  Fans have little reason to care about a guy if they're 99 percent sure he's walking away with a win every time he gets in a ring.  Total domination is very intriguing at first, but after a while it becomes tired.  The real story begins with seeing a character deal with the highs and lows of everyday problems in the storyline.

With that being said, I will admit that there does not appear to be very many strong candidates to replace Ambrose as U.S. champion.  This is likely not a good thing for Dean's fans.  Seeing him lose to someone who is not a viable contender is not a very desirable ending.  Ambrose was arguably the best choice to become United States champion when he won the belt, and fans would surely want to see an equally deserving challenger step up to take the belt from him.

The problem is I don't think there is one.  Of course, that's not to say that WWE could not bring someone up to challenge Dean.  Either Dolph Ziggler or Kofi Kingston could step back in to take on Dean.  Or it could be someone completely unexpected like Sheamus or Rey Mysterio.  If the timing was right, either one of them would be very believable opponents for Ambrose.

The point is that there may not be an overabundance of time to build someone up but honestly, how much time do they need?

And maybe losing to a challenger who is not necessarily a top contender would be the loss that pushes The Shield over the edge.  Either way, it will happen eventually.  And perhaps Hell in a Cell will be the final loss that brings on their downfall.


The World Championship

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

When Vickie Guerrero announced that John Cena would be challenging Alberto Del Rio for the World title at Hell in a Cell, I had likely had the same reaction that many fans out there had.

Time to get the nameplate ready.

The fact is that John Cena may have a plethora of haters out there but for me, his win in this match is a no-brainer.  Cena as champion means money for WWE.  His drawing power is unparalleled; there is arguably no one else in the company that brings as many fans to the table as he does.  

He sells merchandise, he sells tickets and he equals ratings.  Cena has been built from the ground up as WWE's top moneymaker, and he excels in that role.  Of course for many fans out there, that role goes hand in hand with the WWE Championship.

It's the top title in Vince McMahon's company.  And putting it on the top guy is the most logical move, one that has been done many times in the past.  Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels—each man was the company's go-to guy, and each one had big runs with the WWE Championship.  The current belt design is the second version of the "bling" belt that was basically designed for John Cena in the first place.

When you come down to it, it's his title belt.  Love him or hate him, the two have become synonymous with each other.

But a new day could be dawning in WWE.  Daniel Bryan is heavily embroiled in a major feud with Randy Orton over the company's top championship, the same title that Bryan pinned John Cena to win back at SummerSlam.

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

Now John is returning from injury and instead of being the hero to fly headfirst into Daniel's storyline, he has been booked for the World Championship instead.

And that leads me to my second reaction when I heard the announcement of this match; wow, really?

For any fans out there who assumed that Bryan was being overlooked, being used as nothing more than a fill-in until Cena returned, they likely could be changing their tune now. WWE could have placed John squarely back into the WWE Championship picture, but it has been left to both Bryan and Orton.

So now John is moving on to the World title, which I believe he will win.  And for many fans, it's not a moment too soon.

The biggest complaint about Alberto Del Rio that I have personally heard is the guy has no charisma. Fans feel that he is boring on the mic and that his move set is painfully repetitive. Even though he has done what I feel to be is an excellent job as a heel champion, it's just not been enough for many of the WWE faithful.

Putting the World Championship on John Cena brings a new level of attention to the gold and only adds value to it.  The move could also place the title over the WWE Championship in terms of importance, making it the top belt in the company.

This provides a new twist in storylines and increases fan interest, which is likely what WWE wants. Again, whether fans love Cena or not, the fact is that making him World champion is a plus for the company.