Fantasy Football Week 7: Updated Trade Value for Top 100 Players

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Fantasy Football Week 7: Updated Trade Value for Top 100 Players
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Of all of the many wonderful things that come with being in a fantasy football league—draft day, setting my lineup each week, trash talking my friends—I think wheeling and dealing and trying to make trades is my favorite. 

I love low-balling an owner to get negotiations started, pretending as though I value certain players more highly than I actually do to get a bigger return on the deal and finding creative ways to push a trade through. I love the negotiating, the hand-wringing, the sheer tension as a deal slowly takes place.

But like everyone else, I always wonder nervously if I'm getting the most bang for my buck in the deal. That's why, each week, I write an updated trade value chart for fantasy football owners that they can use as a handy guide to ensure they aren't getting ripped off. 

Before you go all Moneyball on your next trade offer, make sure you consult this chart.


Notes: The top 100 players were determined by using the current ESPN standard-scoring league rankings, calculating each player's "value over replacement player" (VORP for short) and by projecting a player's value for the rest of the season.

VORP was calculated by determining how many additional (or fewer) points per week a player scored compared to the best bench player at his position in 10-team leagues (No. 11 quarterback and tight end; No. 26 running back and wide receiver, taking the flex into account).

Any player not listed has a trade value of 1. Remember, this is only a guide—your team needs and areas of strength should always determine any potential trades.


Week 7 Trade Value for Top Quarterbacks
Overall Rank Position Rank Player Team Trade Value
1 1 Peyton Manning Denver Broncos 30
8 2 Drew Brees New Orleans Saints 26
10 3 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers 25
22 4 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers 21
36 5 Matt Stafford Detroit Lions 17
37 6 Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys 17
38 7 Philip Rivers San Diego Chargers 17
45 8 Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts 15
46 9 Tom Brady New England Patriots 15
47 10 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons 15
48 11 Robert Griffin III Washington 15
51 12 Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles 13
67 13 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks 9
70 14 Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers 7
82 15 Jay Cutler Chicago Bears 5
94 16 Sam Bradford St. Louis Rams 3

Quarterback Notes

Ladies and gentlemen, Peyton Manning is no longer the most valuable player in all of fantasy. Nope, he's now tied with Jamaal Charles with a VORP of +11.7, meaning he's been worth an additional 11.7 fantasy points per week compared to the No. 11 quarterback, Michael Vick (Charles is worth that much more over the No. 26 running back, BenJarvus Green-Ellis).

So why is Manning still atop these rankings? Because last week was a blip on the radar, for one thing, but also because he's still averaging 6.3 more fantasy points than the second quarterback on the rankings, Drew Brees.

Speaking of Brees, his consistency—just one week with less than 16 fantasy points—keeps his value high. Ditto for Aaron Rodgers, as I believe he'll improve after several mediocre weeks, even without Randall Cobb.

As you can see, I think quarterback value really condenses after that. The No 4. quarterback, Cam Newton, and the No. 11 quarterback, Robert Griffin III, are separated by just six value points. Michael Vick's injury history drops him down the list, while Colin Kaepernick is free-falling at this point. 

Now would probably be a good time to buy low on him or Russell Wilson. You may be tempted to sell on Matt Ryan, but hold off—even without Julio Jones, he should still be a top-12 quarterback this year. 

Running Backs

Week 7 Trade Value for Top Running Backs
Overall Rank Position Rank Player Team Trade Value
2 1 Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings 29
3 2 Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs 28
4 3 LeSean McCoy Philadelphia Eagles 28
5 4 Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks 27
6 5 Matt Forte Chicago Bears 27
7 6 Arian Foster Houston Texans 27
9 7 Reggie Bush Detroit Lions 26
14 8 Knowshon Moreno Denver Broncos 23
15 9 Frank Gore San Francisco 49ers 23
16 10 Alfred Morris Washington 23
23 11 Doug Martin Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20
24 12 Ray Rice Baltimore Ravens 20
27 13 Giovani Bernard Cincinnati Bengals 19
35 14 C.J. Spiller Buffalo Bills 16
36 15 Fred Jackson Buffalo Bills 16
37 16 DeMarco Murray Dallas Cowboys 16
50 17 Steven Jackson Atlanta Falcons 14
55 18 DeAngelo Williams Carolina Panthers 11
56 19 Chris Johnson Tennessee Titans 11
57 20 Eddie Lacy Green Bay Packers 11
58 21 Darren McFadden Oakland Raiders 11
63 22 Trent Richardson Cleveland Browns 9
64 23 Stevan Ridley New England Patriots 9
65 24 Maurice Jones-Drew Jacksonville Jaguars 9
66 25 Le'Veon Bell Pittsburgh Steelers 9
68 26 Danny Woodhead San Diego Chargers 9
77 27 Bilal Powell New York Jets 6
78 28 Lamar Miller Miami Dolphins 6
79 29 BenJarvus Green-Ellis Cincinnati Bengals 6
80 30 Ryan Mathews San Diego Chargers 6
81 31 Zac Stacy St. Louis Rams 6
87 32 Willis McGahee Cleveland Browns 5
96 33 Brandon Jacobs New York Giants 2


Running Back Notes

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Let's just put it out there—if you have Charles, Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy, Marshawn Lynch, Matt Forte, Arian Foster or Reggie Bush, you would be pretty crazy to trade them unless Manning, Brees or Graham were coming back in the deal.

The running back position has been so wacky this year, those seven players are really, really valuable this season.   

But let's say you really nailed your running back selections but are are weak at quarterback and wide receiver, so you're willing to deal a player like Charles or McCoy to improve your team across the board. What should you try to get in return?

Those are a few examples of the type of value a top running back warrants in return in any trade at this point in the season. If you are going to deal a consistent runner, make sure you are dramatically improving at two positions, or seriously improving at one and moderately improving at another. 

As you can see, I haven't given up on players like Ray Rice, Doug Martin or C.J. Spiller just yet, but their value continues to slip. DeMarco Murray's injury—and his history of injuries—drops his value, while Stevan Ridley gets a big bump after finally performing like the runner people thought they were drafting in the second or third round.

Wide Receivers

Week 7 Trade Value for Top Wide Receivers
Overall Rank Position Rank Player Team Trade Value
12 1 Calvin Johnson Detroit Lions 24
13 2 Dez Bryant Dallas Cowboys 24
17 3 Brandon Marshall Chicago Bears 23
18 4 A.J. Green Cincinnati Bengals 22
19 5 Jordy Nelson Green Bay Packers 22
20 6 DeSean Jackson Philadelphia Eagles 22
21 7 Wes Welker Denver Broncos 22
25 8 Demaryius Thomas Denver Broncos 20
26 9 Victor Cruz New York Giants 20
28 10 Torrey Smith Baltimore Ravens 19
29 11 Josh Gordon Cleveland Browns 19
38 12 Larry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals 16
39 13 Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers 16
40 14 Vincent Jackson Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16
41 15 Reggie Wayne Indianapolis Colts 16
42 16 Pierre Garcon Washington 16
43 17 Justin Blackmon Jacksonville Jaguars 16
48 18 Denarius Moore Oakland Raiders 14
49 19 Eric Decker Denver Broncos 14
59 20 Andre Johnson Houston Texans 10
60 21 Cecil Shorts Jacksonville Jaguars 10
61 22 James Jones Green Bay Packers 10
62 23 Hakeem Nicks New York Giants 10
72 24 Alshon Jeffery Chicago Bears 7
73 25 Kenbrell Thompkins New England Patriots 7
74 26 Keenan Allen San Diego Chargers 7
75 27 Marques Colston New Orleans Saints 7
76 28 Julian Edelman New England Patriots 7
84 29 Anquan Boldin San Francisco 49ers 5
85 30 Roddy White Atlanta Falcons 5
86 31 Harry Douglas Atlanta Falcons 5
88 32 T.Y. Hilton Indianapolis Colts 4
89 33 Mike Wallace Miami Dolphins 4
97 34 Terrance Williams Dallas Cowboys 2
98 35 Reuben Randle New York Giants 2

Wide Receiver Notes

There are no superstars at wide receiver right now. The difference between the top receiver in the overall fantasy rankings after seven weeks, DeSean Jackson, and the No. 24 player, T.Y. Hilton, is 6.3 points per week.

That's the same as the difference between Manning and Brees, or just slightly more than the difference between the top running back, Charles, and the No. 8 running back, Reggie Bush (difference of 5.9 fantasy points per week).

There's a reason there isn't a wide receiver in the top 10 on my trade value chart, and why there are only eight wide receivers in my top 25, compared to 12 running backs. There is crazy depth at the position, but very few players who have proven to be incredible values like a Manning, Charles or Jimmy Graham.

If you have wide receiver depth, I highly recommend you try to package players at the position to upgrade at running back or quarterback, where the very top performers are more valuable compared to others at their position.

At some point, I expect players like Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green and Dez Bryant to create some separation on the rankings, but until that happens, there is simply a ton of parity at wide receiver. 

Tight End

Week 7 Trade Value for Top Tight Ends
Overall Rank Position Rank Player Team Trade Value
11 1 Jimmy Graham New Orleans Saints 25
30 2 Julius Thomas Denver Broncos 18
31 3 Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots 18
52 4 Vernon Davis San Francisco 49ers 12
53 5 Jordan Cameron Cleveland Browns 12
54 6 Tony Gonzalez Atlanta Falcons 12
69 7 Antonio Gates San Diego Chargers 8
70 8 Jason Witten Dallas Cowboys 8
90 9 Charles Clay Miami Dolphins 4
91 10 Martellus Bennett Chicago Bears 4
92 11 Jermichael Finley Green Bay Packers 4
93 12 Greg Olsen Carolina Panthers 4
99 13 Garrett Graham Houston Texans 2

Tight End Notes

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

This is how good Graham has been—even after being held catchless and registering zero fantasy points, he still has a VORP of +8.9. That's pretty crazy. Like Manning, he was rendered human this week, but his value is still crazy high. 

Last week was probably your chance to sell Graham at an all-time high value, as you'll get a lot less after his scoreless performance the week he heads into a bye. But let's say you have a backup you think can produce like Jermichael Finley and want to upgrade at other positions heading into Week 8.

What are some examples of players you could get in exchange for Graham?

I know that some of the deals may seem a bit outrageous for folks who traditionally value the other positions more than tight end, but when you consider that Graham still has more fantasy points than every wide receiver and all but two running backs, it changes your tune. 

At this point, I think Julius Thomas is locked in as my No. 2 most valuable tight end. Rob Gronkowski will come back at some point and have a lot of value, but until we see him in action, he can't be higher than No. 3. 

After the top three, the rankings condense quite a bit. After two mediocre weeks, you might be able to buy low on Jordan Cameron, while veterans like Tony Gonzalez and Vernon Davis are still very valuable commodities. 

Defense/Special Teams

Week 7 Trade Value for Top Defense/Special Teams
Overall Rank Position Rank Team Trade Value
82 1 Kansas City Chiefs 6
94 2 Seattle Seahawks 3
100 3 Tennessee Titans 2


Defense/Special Team Notes

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

A third defense makes the list! GASP! 

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs defense continues to grow in value. With a VORP of +11, the Chiefs defense has been one of the most valuable fantasy commodities at any position, surprisingly. Five weeks with 16 or more fantasy points will do that.

It's hard to imagine that remaining sustainable, however, hence a trade value of just six.

The consistency of the Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans keeps them on this list. The Seahawks have scored nine or more points in every week, while the Titans have dipped below that mark just twice, scoring five and six points in those games.  

Hit me up on Twitter—I'll answer your fantasy lineup questions and offer trade advice to pair with this chart. I can't see into the future, but I'm crafting a souped-up DeLorean to cheat in my fantasy leagues.

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