Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes Look at New 'We Are Warriors' Commercial

Ryan KlockeFeatured ColumnistOctober 15, 2013

With the start of a new season just around the corner, the Golden State Warriors are once again ready to rile up their fans.

Aside from a young, exciting roster which helped carry the team to the playoffs last year, the organization is reviving its "We Are Warriors" campaign. 

Anyone who has been to a game at Oracle Arena knows the fans are a big part of the experience, and this commercial, which is set to debut during the team's Friday morning preseason game against the Lakers in Shanghai, China, is an homage to them. 

Real fans were given an opportunity to star in the ad along with their favorite players, which is shown here in an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look. 

Take a look and stay tuned for an early premiere of the new commercial on Bleacher Report.