USA and Canada Women's Teams Come Together for 1 Beautiful Hockey Brawl

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 15, 2013

Well that escalated quickly. 

Yahoo! Sports' Greg Wyshynski spotted the one video that should have you proclaiming you don't watch nearly enough women's hockey. 

The glorious kerfuffle playing out on your respective computer screen comes from Saturday's exhibition clash between Team USA and Team Canada from Burlington, Vt., which ended in a 3-2 Canada win. 

With about 3:10 to go in the third period, a shot on goal followed by a bump of the goalie led to an all-out fracas usually relegated to the WWE's Royal Rumble. We are only slightly surprised we didn't see an errant chair thrown into the mix. 

Wyshynski reminds that there is absolutely no love lost between these two national neighbors. Back in 2009, the teams were again ramping up for the Winter Olympics and decided to fit in a little impromptu boxing just 3.5 seconds from the end of the game. 

Here is the video in case you didn't get enough fighting with the first one:  

As for Saturday's brawl, it seems it all begins when Monique Lamoureux bumps Canada's goalie Shannon Szabados. Wyshynski seems to think Canada's Courtney Birchard took exception to the misstep and decided to teach a lesson via headlock. 

Normally that would be an extreme overreaction, but on the ice it's just extremely entertaining. The announcer says it all when he offers, "We got bedlam here."

And thanks to some shoddy camera work, we get a glimpse of the few fans who showed up for the game. That brings us to some great insight from one of the announcers: "If you're a hockey fan and you haven't seen the women play, you're not giving [them] their dues."

All of this is to say the Olympics can't get here soon enough. 

Rest easy, because the Toronto Star reminds that this is just the first of six meetings prior to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, so there is plenty of time for these athletes to work on their jabs. 


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