Michelle Jenneke Suffers Hurdle Fail on TV but Maintains Winning Smile

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 14, 2013

When she isn't jumping and dancing, Michelle Jenneke is on television missing hurdles.

At least, that's what we gather from our latest glimpse of the world's most favorite booty-shaking hurdler. The Big Lead's Stephen Douglas happened across this video of Jenneke coming into contact with one stubborn hurdle on Channel 10's A League of Their Own show this past Sunday. 

If you still have no clue just what is going on here, there is another video recapping the giggle-worthy blooper. 

As Jenneke states, "I was just joking around, doing what I was doing. Of course, [inaudible] comes in with his ridiculous runner's outfit. So I go to sneak a peek, going to jump over the hurdle and just completely step on top of it."

Ah, so we can blame the funny man with the short shorts for the fail.

Now I'm not all that familiar with the show that apparently has nothing to do with Tom Hanks managing Geena Davis in an all-girls baseball league. 

Anyone more familiar with the format, feel free to chime in below. Apparently, the series is a game show that consists of various rounds. We aren't completely clear when the hurdle of death features is, but Jenneke was tasked to run around in circles until her inevitable demise. 

For those not familiar with Jenneke, we welcome you to the Internet. It's a swell place with memes and cat videos. 

You missed one of the oddest moments of instant fame in all of sports. A video capturing her pre-race ritual of dancing and gyrating went viral back in July of 2012

As for what she is up to when she isn't destroying stage props, the Herald Sun reports via the Daily Telegraph that the 20-year-old track star is studying at Sydney University. 

Now we like her chances to one day make it to the Olympics. As long as they don't change the hurdle format to include running around in tiny circles on a mechanical platform, she is golden. 


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