WWE: Daniel Bryan Can Be Pushed, and the Answer Is Brie Bella

Bill Ivie JrContributor IIIOctober 14, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

WWE has done a great job of losing all momentum it had with Daniel Bryan recently.  When John Cena went down to an injury, the weight of the company was set to be put on the shoulders of the man once known as American Dragon.  

Then they used him as a transitional champion to turn the belt over to Randy Orton.

They followed that up with stripping Bryan of the title after he beat Orton the night before.  Finally, they interjected Big Show and left both competitors knocked out with still no champion.  Suddenly, Daniel Bryan doesn't quite seem like the man to carry the company.  

But the answer is right in front of everyone.  Brie Bella can help establish Bryan as the top face in the company.

Brie is riding the momentum of the very successful reality series Total Divas.  The fans are getting behind her.  Most importantly, she provides WWE with the ability to cross over into mainstream media and draw from a group of fans that is outside the normal fanbase.

Putting Brie together with Bryan on television would improve the formula for his character greatly.  His initial push was based on him not wanting to be known as the weak link.  It pitted him against Orton and caused him to push his tag team partner Kane away.  Injecting his real-life fiancé into the story would provide him with a new stress point along a similar vein.

They have teased us with it recently.  Orton has provided an intimidation of Brie in backstage segments.  All that is lacking is Bryan's involvement on that level.

The story needs to look no further than to one of the greatest stories in WWE history for a blueprint.  Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth provide a well-traveled path for Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.  They can play off of his love for her.  They can play off his jealousy.  They can play off of his inadequacies and his need to prove that he is strong enough for her. 

The answers are right in front of the WWE writers.  Just say "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

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