Breaking Down the Best BCS Championship Games at Week 8

Alex SimsCorrespondent IIIOctober 14, 2013

Breaking Down the Best BCS Championship Games at Week 8

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    Week 8 is finally here, which means the first BCS rankings will be released on Sunday. Even before the rankings are out, the BCS National Championship race will take shape when title hopefuls Clemson and Florida State square off in Death Valley.

    For now, the Alabama Crimson Tide remain the national title favorites, ranked No. 1 in the land. With two of the last three crystal footballs in its trophy room, Alabama is the team to beat.

    Meanwhile, the Oregon Ducks are out to prove that they are college football's best team after flexing their muscle on offense and defense in a Week 7 win over Washington. 

    Not to be left out, Big Ten favorite Ohio State is also poised for an undefeated run, hoping that it can have another shot at taking down the SEC for the BCS title.

    But which two of these teams would make for the most interesting national title matchup at the Rose Bowl?

Baylor vs. Oregon

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    This matchup is pretty unlikely, considering Baylor is all the way back at No. 12 without a Top 15 team left on its schedule.

    However, this would be the contest of an offense lover's dreams and also the matchup of a Nike lover's dreams.

    Baylor and Oregon not only have some of the coolest new-age uniforms in college football, but they also have two of the most explosive offenses in history.

    BU and UO are the only two teams this season to have averaged more than 600 yards per game, with the Ducks at 630 and the Bears at 713. They're also the only two teams that have averaged more than 55 points per game.

    Traditionalists cringe at this potential clash, but many would love to see these two offenses race up and down the Rose Bowl.

Florida State vs. Alabama

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    The BCS picture will clarify this weekend when Florida State and Clemson do battle, but until then both are capable national title contenders.

    Florida State, led by Jameis Winston, would provide a great matchup for Alabama. The Noles have offensive firepower and can also play defense.

    Like Alabama, FSU has a talented quarterback and a stable of strong running backs, as well as talent on the perimeter.

    Also like the Crimson Tide, the Seminoles have talent at all three levels of their defense.

    Both programs are laden with tradition, and if the Noles are going to earn their way back to the pinnacle of the sport, it's only right that they take down the reigning champion in the process.

Ohio State vs. Alabama

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    If the SEC's BCS title reign is to end this season, it would be ironic if the same coach that started the run also closed it.

    Urban Meyer won the first of the league's seven BCS titles with Florida in 2006, and then he won another in 2008. 

    Now at Ohio State, he could be in position to put an end to what he started, though the Buckeyes will need some help in the BCS rankings to make it there.

    OSU also has a wealth of talent on both sides of the ball and might match up with Alabama up front better than any of the other contenders.

    Could Ohio State, which has served as the SEC's punching bag through much of the recent BCS era, actually end the conference's reign?

Oregon vs. Clemson

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    Oregon and Clemson would present a very thrilling and even matchup and are more similar than any other pair of BCS competitors.

    UO and CU both boast talented and versatile skill players in De'Anthony Thomas and Sammy Watkins.

    The Ducks and Tigers are also led by proficient dual-threat quarterbacks, Marcus Mariota and Tajh Boyd.

    The pass-happy Tigers and the fast running Ducks would provide plenty of electric plays and post a ton of yardage, which would make this a pulse-pounding matchup.

Oregon vs. Alabama

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    This is the matchup most everyone has been talking about all season long.

    Oregon has been on the cusp of a national title for the last few seasons and this year's squad is its best yet.

    The Duck attack has been more explosive than ever with Marcus Mariota at the helm, while the UO defense is bigger, stronger and faster than in recent years. But if the Ducks are going to earn that elusive title, it is only right that they go through the reigning champions to do so.

    Alabama hasn't been quite as dominant as expected but is still college football's No. 1 team until proven otherwise. 

    The Crimson Tide play a traditional style that is a stark contrast from the zone read spread attack run by Oregon. 

    With both teams running their respective systems at an elite level, this would mark the ultimate battle between new school and old school.