Hey, Everybody, Remember Mack Brown Can Still Coach

Ben KerchevalCollege Football Lead WriterOctober 14, 2013

DALLAS, TX - OCTOBER 12:  Case McCoy #6 of the Texas Longhorns and head coach Mack Brown of the Texas Longhorns celebrate after the Longhorns beat the Oklahoma Sooners 36-20 at the Cotton Bowl on October 12, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Lately, it's been easy to talk about whether Mack Brown should be the head coach of the Texas Longhorns next year. It's been four years since UT was in the national championship discussion, and after back-to-back losses to BYU and Ole Miss in September, that wasn't going to change. 

Yes, it's been so easy to talk about what Brown hasn't done that it's even easier to forget what Brown has accomplished at Texas. 

It's easy to forget that Texas won at least 10 games every year from 2001-09 and made two appearances in the BCS championship game. Though the 'Horns only won two Big 12 titles during that period, a look at Oklahoma, UT's Red River rival, provides some context. 

During those same nine years, the Sooners had seven seasons of at least 11 wins under head coach Bob Stoops. For as good as Texas was during those years, OU was every bit as good, if not better, on a national scale. Brown's 7-9 record against Oklahoma may not be the best, but he has won five out of the last nine Red River Rivalry games. 

DALLAS, TX - OCTOBER 12: (L-R) Head coach Mack Brown of the Texas Longhorns talks with head coach Bob Stoops of the Oklahoma Sooners before the Longhorns take on the Sooners at Cotton Bowl on October 12, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Ge
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It's also easy to forget that 2010's disastrous 5-7 season was the first—and, still, only—losing season for the Longhorns in the past 16 years. It remains the only losing season Brown has had as a head coach since 1989 when he was the head coach of North Carolina. 

In fact, the 154 victories for Brown during his time in Austin are the second most in school history behind the great Darrell Royal.

The last three years have been trying for Texas, which is trying to get back to the days when seasons of 10-plus wins were commonplace. Now that the 'Horns are 3-0 in Big 12 conference play, those days seem closer at hand. 

SAN ANTONIO, TX - DECEMBER 29:  Mack Brown, head coach of the University of Texas Longhorns, celebrates victory over the Oregon State Beavers in the Valero Alamo Bowl at the Alamodome on December 29, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas. Texas won the game 31-27.
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Already this season, UT has exorcised its demons against both Oklahoma and Kansas State. The 'Horns hadn't beat either since 2009 and '03, respectively. 

Beating the Sooners 36-20 in Week 7 with the best game plan Texas has had in three years may not eliminate Brown's doubters, but it puts them on mute for the foreseeable future. 

"The only way to shut them up is to win," Brown said in a television interview last week via the Los Angeles Times. "You shut them up, they're your best friend, they want autographs and pictures. I've seen it before."

If Brown keeps winning, he'll see it again and again. 

Texas may not win its third Big 12 championship under Brown this year. Brown may not be back as the Longhorns' head coach in 2014. But neither of those outcomes take away from the numbers, the win totals, that show Brown is, in fact, a good coach.