Hilarious 'Hard Knocks' Parody 'Little Knockers' Returns with Epic Episode 2

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 14, 2013

In this episode of the Internet's best Hard Knocks parody, we still have a mysterious holdout, say goodbye to a beloved athlete and grow. Yes, I think it's safe to say we all grow in the second and penultimate episode of Little Knockers

For those uninitiated few, go ahead and do yourselves a favor and catch up with the little warriors who make up the fictional peewee football Vikings in episode one

The second installment of this hard-hitting take on the tough life from the pint-sized gridiron delivers much of what we loved about the first episode. 

Parks and Recreation's Jim O'Heir reprises his role as barking coach Bruce Kilmer, and he is pretty upset when a sudden bee sting beleaguers one of his players. 

And seriously, what's up with D'Vigerous Austin?

It turns out the Vikings may be without their star linebacker, who continues to hold out because his stepfather wants him to concentrate on schoolwork. Something tells me Kilmer's promise of an Awesome Blossom will get the job done. If not, he can always throw in a Bloomin' Onion to sweeten the deal. 

We also get another glimpse of superstar Timmy Kowalski, who is as brash on Twitter as he is on the field. No, seriously. Apparently the Kowalski character is hollering at Jenn Sterger online now.

@JennSterger do u like me? Check one: Yes | No | Maybe | #LittleKnockers

— Timmy Kowalski (@TimmyKowalski69) October 14, 2013

Of course, the biggest news is fan favorite Kevin Alvarez leaving the team. Despite being the strong silent type, Alvarez gets called into coach's office, which is never a good sign. 

He gave his best, but it just wasn't good enough. 

Thankfully, the team does have Kowalski, who runs his mouth as well as he plays football. However, it looks like trouble is on the horizon for the football star in the final episode. We will wait patiently until then to discover more about Kowalski as well as learn great new insults from this hilarious coaching staff. 


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