Listen Up: Why Jim Ross Is out of Touch with Today's WWE

John ReidCorrespondent IIIOctober 14, 2013

While wondering why this holiday is not called Amerigo Vespucci Day...

Recently, "Good 'Ol JR" Jim Ross made some comments on his blog regarding why the WWE has failed to create new stars. This is an excerpt from his website

All sports, or entertainment, fans want to support the 'stars' and 'stars,' IE heroes, and all have similar traits. They win more than they lose, they somehow eventually overcome when the odds are the greatest against them and they never quit. All these traits endears them to the audience. Fans can identify with winning. Loses become significant moments and not every other week occurrences.

50/50 booking helps NO one.

Those trying to re-invent the "booking" wheel and who refuse or simply ignore basic psychology and human emotions are foolish or naive or...gasp...egomaniacal.

In a perfect world, or even in the 1980's, that would make sense. However, despite Ross' best intentions, this statement clearly shows that he does not understand the true nature of today's WWE. It demonstrates that he is trying to cater to those fans that the powers that be do not really need to keep their empire going.

Hardcore fans will always watch Raw. They will always hope for the day that Antonio Cesaro and Kofi Kingston will headline WrestleMania or even an episode of Smackdown for that matter. 

Here's the thing. The business model of the WWE is successful because they know what it takes to cater to the casual fanbase, to borrow from the Wu-Tang Clan, cash really does rule everything. There is a reason that a Rey Mysterio can come back after an almost year-long absence and still get a main event push. He moves masks and merchandise by the tons, and someone like Sandow doesn't. Don't let the Money in the Bank briefcase fool you, he will be the next Jack Swagger should he eventually win the WWE's biggest secondary title. 

Ross seems to think that all a person needs to do is win matches and that alone will suffice his push. He is from the bygone territorial era in which fans were really supportive of great wrestlers. Yet, there's a reason the WWE has been on top of the wrestling food chain for more than 30 years, and it wasn't because Ricky Steamboat wrestled 4-star matches. No one really is concerned about the substance if you don't have the style to present it with. Why do you think TNA continues to suffer with 0.8 ratings?

Daniel Bryan had the opportunity to be booked as the guy who could've changed that perspective, but with the (not surprising) announcement of the return of John Cena at Hell in a Cell, it should end any argument that the climate in wrestling has changed from what he is used to.

Fans don't identify with winners if they aren't entertaining. You can blame the WWE for not giving guys like Cesaro a chance, but if they did more to be entertaining themselves, then they wouldn't be in that position to begin with.