25 Super Awkward Moments in Sports

Sean Evans@@seanseaevansContributor IIIOctober 15, 2013

25 Super Awkward Moments in Sports

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    In the YouTube era, every gaffe, accidental curse or clumsy fall is archived on the Internet. There was a time when a sideline reporter could wear an errant ball to the head without being immortalized as a meme, but those days are long over.

    To celebrate the age when every humiliating moment is captured on camera and shared with the world, we've amassed a carefully curated collection of sports' most awkward moments. 

Mark Madsen Dances Worse Than Your Dad

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    You know when you're at a wedding and "Thrift Shop" comes on? And someone's goofball uncle storms the dance floor and starts flailing about like a catfish on the line? Well, Mark Madsen channeled those swaggerless, country club dad moves during the Lakers' 2002 championship celebration, effectually ruining House of Pain's "Jump Around."

Jim Everett Sacks Jim Rome

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    If Jim Rome were smacked to the ground by, say, an enraged Jared Allen in this day and age, it would melt Twitter. This is an awkward viral clip from back when we were using a dial-up connection.

    If this takedown is staged, shout out to Jim Rome's ego for allowing such an emasculating event to take place on his own show. If not, shout out to Jim Everett for living the dream.

"That's My Quarterback."

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    T.O., are you really crying underneath those stunner shades? We respect a player's passion, but Owens seems more upset about Tony Romo's headlines in In Touch Weekly than this playoff loss to the Giants.

    Also, LOL at the line, "I've always had good relationships with quarterbacks." Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb probably beg to differ on that one.

Joe Namath Is Struggling

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    In Joe Namath's mind, he probably still thinks of himself as a gunslinger on the sideline in a full length fur coat, particularly after his ninth Maker's Mark on the rocks. With his confidence turned up to 11, he tries to kiss Suzy Kolber on live TV with predictably embarrassing results.

50 Cent Moves Fast

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    Granted, we probably shouldn't expect much more from a guy whose cultural contributions include a rap beef with Ja Rule and "Wanksta," but 50 Cent crossed the line. Between Bruce Pearl and this, Erin Andrews should start carrying a switchblade and mace pen on the sideline.


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    After defeating Yale for the national championship, a Trinity squash player screamed into the face of his visibly horrified, pint-sized opponent.

    If this were any other sport, benches would have cleared, chairs would have been thrown and someone would have smashed a racket over this dude's cranium. Instead, it's squash, so we assume everyone gathered their belongings peacefully and waited outside for their mothers to pick them up.

Steve Lyons Drops His Pants in Front of the Fenway Faithful

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    After a headfirst slide into first base, Steve Lyons drops his pants and clears his sliding shorts in front of an entire baseball stadium.

    Pro tip for all you young ball players out there: If you want to live in infamy on "Awkward Moments" lists, just drop your drawers during games.

Dwyte Pilgrim Celebrates Poker Win, Promptly Loses

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    After the flop, Dwyte Pilgrim had a 90 percent chance of winning a multi-million dollar pot. Naturally, he began his preemptive celebration by parading around the venue like a jackass and high-fiving spectators. While the "Muhammad Ali of Poker" reveled in triumphant bliss, the river gave the hand and, more importantly, a $5,600,000 pot to his opponent.

    Proof: Karma does exist. 

"You Think Wrestling Is Fake?"

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    If you're a dweebie reporter with nine-inch hot dog arms, you probably shouldn't rouse steroid-addled wrestlers.

    Just a thought.

    John Stossel learned that lesson the hard way when he baited a slap across the face from David Schultz. Wearing a bear paw from Dr. D is bad enough, but getting dropped in a crowded hallway on TV is that much more pathetic.

Boomer Blasts Marino on Live TV

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    Typically, these pregame shows are just has-beens cracking wise about their golf games and some obligatory pandering to "the troops" for good measure, but strap in, because things get weird when these guys go off script.

    Like when Boomer Esiason besmirched Peyton Manning by calling him "this generation's Dan Marino,"—while sitting 36 inches away from the real-life Dan Marino. You know Boomer wore an 85 mph, spiraling pigskin in the nose for that one. 

Dude, There's Still Another Lap

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    Someone needs to give Yamaha Team Italia racer Ricardo Russo a hug.

    In this clip, he crosses the finish line and immediately celebrates like he won $200 on a scratch-off lottery ticket. Unbeknownst to him, however, there's still a lap to go in the race. So, while this dude fist pumps like he's battling the beat, he gets passed by the rest of the field. The announcer can't even contain his laughter as the whole ordeal plays out.

Carl Lewis Butchers the National Anthem

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    Yikes. Did anyone make Carl Lewis audition, or was he just allowed to perform the national anthem on the basis of a solid reference?

    You know your performance is bad when you have to make a, "Uh oh, I'll make up for it now," declaration in the middle of the song. Spoiler alert: He doesn't make up for it. Not even a little bit.

"I Love You, Sarah."

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    As this clip rolls, you can tell by this squirrely, 20-something’s cocksure demeanor that he's going to confess his love for Sarah Kustok at some point. He just stares at her longingly, waiting for the appropriate time to tell her that he loves her. He grabs her on the shoulder, which immediately draws a disgusted push back from the blonde reporter, and says, "You're so pretty and beautiful." 

    Wow, dude, she's "pretty" and "beautiful"? What a charmer.

    Not long after this interview, Kustok left Comcast SportsNet to take a gig with the Brooklyn Nets. We're not sure if the move had anything to do with this creepy kid, but we wouldn't be surprised. 


"It's Like No One Here Has Worked on TV Before."

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    Whoa, Chris Berman knows how to berate his underlings. Between this epic meltdown and the bloated ESPN talking head's passion for football highlights, I'm shocked this guy hasn't had a massive coronary while hosting Monday Night Countdown. 

    Tongue lashings from the boss are always uncomfortable, but they're usually behind a closed office door. Bless the Internet for putting this one on YouTube, though. 

Rollerblader Celebrates Early, Teaches Valuable Lesson About Humility

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    We're sure this guy is still doing laps around the track celebrating his win. Someone should really tell him that his ridiculous showboating cost him a title, because this dude is seemingly oblivious to what's going on around him. 

One Word: Bartman

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    Can you imagine anything more uncomfortable than a stadium full of roaringly drunk, shirtless bleacher bums turning on you? That's what happened to Steve Bartman when he grabbed a foul ball that was otherwise destined to slip through Moises Alou's piss-soaked hands

    Despite Mark Prior and Kyle Farnsworth piping fastballs to the tune of eight runs in one inning and Alex Gonzalez booting an easy double-play ball, many saddle Bartman with the Cubs' collapse in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. We can only imagine the terror that guy must've felt while staring into the love-scorned eyes of 40,000 enraged diehards.


Tracy Wolfson, Are You for Real? SMH.

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    In the garbage minutes of a blowout win against South Carolina, Auburn quarterback Cam Newton hands what he calls "Cammy Cam Juice" to sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson. Seemingly unaware of the product's double meaning, Wolfson decides to give a live taste test on-air.

    If you can get through this clip without giggling like a fifth grader in sex ed class, you're stronger than we are.


Sergio Ramos Drops the Copa del Rey Trophy

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    How many times have you heard, "Just don't drop it," when handling something valuable? We usually pay that comment as much mind as we do iTunes' terms and conditions agreement, but Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos reminded us why it's important to exercise caution.

    In this clip, he drops the Copa del Rey trophy, which is promptly run over by a double-decker bus.

    See? This is why we can't have nice things.

A Bulging What!?

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    We assume Steve Levy meant to say "bulging disk," because the injury he reads seems like something you could play through. 

Don't Let Mario Lemieux Anywhere Near Your Children

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    This is the weirdest thing you'll watch today. Behold, Mario Lemieux grabbing a young boy and staring longingly into his eyes.

    Is he going to pulverize him? Kiss him? Shake him to death like a jersey-clad Frankenstein? We're not sure; the commercial cuts off without tying up the loose ends. 

Tiger Woods Apologizes for Cheating in Front of His Family

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    This is probably the most underrated awkward sports moment of all time.

    When Tiger says that he's, "...sorry for his irresponsible and selfish behavior," he's talking about having sex with a harem of bottle service waitresses and reality show castoffs; all the while, his mother is staring daggers at him from the front row.

    This is like your grandma confronting you about your Internet history, only 100 times worse and on TV.

Breaking: Nicole Richie Wants to Have Sex with Kobe Bryant

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    Surprise, surprise, a reality show star with low lights and a cat collar said something inappropriate on live TV.

    If you're going to ask Nicole Richie for her sports perspective, don't be surprised when she croons about who she'd like to have sex with. We're hanging this one on the game's producer because we saw this coming a mile away.

Nick Novak Has a Very Strange Pre-Kick Ritual

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    We've seen kickers stretch before a field goal or boot some warm-ups into a net, but this is the first time we've seen a guy take a leak in front of a sold-out house.

    It's not easy to urinate with a line behind you, so shoutout to Nick Novak for generating a stream with 65,000 eyewitnesses.

A National Anthem Fail and Fall

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    Oh, this poor woman.

    She forgets the words to the national anthem and promptly falls violently to the ice. This is the on-air equivalent of throwing up on yourself during a job interview, except it lives on the Internet for everyone to see.

    Like, it doesn't matter if this woman develops a zero emissions fuel source, this video is her legacy.

"Boom Goes the Dynamite"

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    Brian Collins, where are you now? Still trying to get the whole reading thing down?

    The Internet is littered with cringe-worthy student reporting clips, but this one is by far the most painful to watch. Anderson Blooper over here never had a chance. It's four straight minutes of panicked diction accompanied by the brilliantly stupid line, "Boom goes the dynamite."

    By court order, Collins is required to stay 500 feet away from a teleprompter at all times.