Latest News and Rumors Surrounding WWE 2K14 for Oct. 14

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 14, 2013

Latest News and Rumors Surrounding WWE 2K14 for Oct. 14

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    Photo: 2K Sports
    Photo: 2K Sports

    The latest news surrounding WWE 2K14 is sure to make gamers grin like Jerry Lawler during a Divas match.

    Two new modes focused on The Undertaker are sure to deepen the game. Fans have heard about these additions, but now there are details about them to savor.

    Another possible championship and evidence that a Hall of Famer once thought to be excluded from the game will in fact be in it are also among the items worth buzzing about. More clips of Superstar entrances and a new trailer add to the hype of a game that comes out shortly after Hell in a Cell.

    Beyond "30 Years of WrestleMania" mode and inserting The Undertaker into standard gameplay options, gamers have two modes to look forward to that will have fans of "The Deadman" giddy.

Defeat/Defend the Streak Modes

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    Photo: 2K Sports
    Photo: 2K Sports

    The Undertaker will be a huge part of the game.

    Players can either make history by defeating an incredibly difficult version of Undertaker at WrestleMania or play as him in a never-ending gauntlet match.

    In the "Defeat the Streak" mode, fans choose either a created Superstar or an existing one and do battle with Undertaker on the stage where he has yet to lose. This is no ordinary match, though.

    Cory Ledesma of WWE Games, via, said, "We cranked the difficulty level really high, and there's no changing that — there's no option in there for that." He promises a supreme challenge as Undertaker will have the supernatural on his side.

    Undertaker has the ability to turn off the lights mid-match and appear behind you, among other special moves.

    Should one win this bout, the match is graded on excitement and other factors. Gamers can then upload and compare their scores. Winning with one of Undertaker's previous victims unlocks bonus content.

    The other Undertaker-focused option is to select either the retro or current version of Undertaker and fight off a continuous flow of enemies. 

    In "Defend the Streak" mode, players must defeat opponent after opponent, with one's damage carrying over each time. Depending on how long one lasts and what moves one did in the process, a score is tallied for showing-off purposes.

    David Pustansky of got his hands on the game and tried the mode, which he called "addictive."

    He describes an experience of random foes coming at him in succession. Pustansky faced Health Slater, Brock Lesnar, Sgt. Slaughter, Goldberg and Randy Orton before losing. Can you beat that?  

Roddy Piper

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    Screenshot from YouTube
    Screenshot from YouTube

    There was a ton of information to savor in Bleacher Report Featured Columnist Brian Mazique's exclusive interview with Cory Ledesma from WWE Games. Although it went unmentioned, the appearance of an icon in the video accompanying the interview is exciting news.

    Roddy Piper has been the subject of some fans' frustration over the game's roster. 2K Sports included a long list of legends and Superstars from the past, but Piper's absence was strange considering his contributions to WrestleMania, a key element of the game.

    This screenshot shows "Hot Rod" awaiting gamers in the creation suite.

    His trademark attire is available as well. So while Piper doesn't appear on the game's official roster, it appears that he is just a few taps of the controller's buttons away from joining Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and the rest of the Hall of Famers in the game.

New Entrance and Finisher Videos

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    2K Sports continues to offer looks at Superstar's entrances and finishing moves. This week provided a glimpse at one half of The Real Americans, both members of Tons of Funk and two notable powerhouses. 

    The following are some of the wrestlers highlighted recently.

    O'Neil's entrance is impressively detailed, including everything from his famous bark taunt to him tapping on his belly as he enters the arena. Lesnar appears pre-chest tattoo, and Tensai has his pre-Tons of Funk entrance music.


Internet Championship?

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    Photo: WWE
    Photo: WWE

    WWE 2K14 offers a number of championships to fit around the virtual Superstars' waists. The Internet Championship may be among them.

    Zack Ryder tweeted the following after he was asked when we'd next see him with the title he created.

    @danielmazing: @ZackRyder @WWE when will we see u come out with the internet championship” in #WWE2K14 by @WWEgames

    — Zack Ryder (@ZackRyder) October 10, 2013

    This could very well be Ryder making a self-effacing joke. That has been his weapon of choice since WWE has pushed him down the company ladder.

    It could also be legit. It doesn't take much in terms of data to include the Internet Championship, a title which adds a fun element to the game. 

New Trailer

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    The latest WWE 2K14 trailer is powered by the past and the present.

    The much-hyped 30 Years of WrestleMania mode is showcased, with WWE history being paralleled in video game form. Game footage of Hulk Hogan's famous bodyslam of Andre the Giant, Steve Austin refusing to tap out and recent bouts from WrestleMania 28 and 29 stands side by side with the real thing.

    This convergence of reality and video game works well to stir up excitement. 

    Reliving all those classic moments is going to be awesome, and the latest trailer reminds us of that in a big way.