What to Expect from the Oct. 14 Edition of Raw

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistOctober 14, 2013

What to Expect from the Oct. 14 Edition of Raw

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    Photo courtesy WWE.com
    Photo courtesy WWE.com

    With just two weeks to go until the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, things are starting to shape up nicely ahead of one of the most anticipated events of the year. And, after another manic week in the world of WWE, this week's episode of Raw will no doubt build up what is looking like being a solid card in Miami, Fla. on the 27th of this month.

    So, what can we expect from this Monday's Raw? Will WWE's newest tag team continue their solid start under their rebranding? Will Big Show appear to explain his actions? Will the WWE continue with the Triple H "concussion" storyline? Here, we take a look at five key things to expect from the show and look at what we should be prepared for.

Will the Big Show Appear to Explain His Actions?

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    Photo courtesy WWE.com
    Photo courtesy WWE.com

    The Big Show finally reacted to weeks of torment and humiliation from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon by delivering the Weapon of Mass Destruction to Triple H to close a solid Raw show last week. After being fired by Stephanie for his interference at the rather lackluster Battleground pay-per-view, Show received a huge pop for the Knockout Punch, finally putting an end to weeks of crying on live TV.

    Since then, WWE has ran with the storyline claiming Big Show has had to put his house up for sale, as reported on Friday's edition of SmackDown. This is turning into a solid rivalry between The Game and Show and will likely end up with the two doing battle at some point before Christmas.

    Will Show turn up on Raw this week to explain his actions? It's highly likely, and with WWE running with the line that Triple H has suffered a concussion as a result of the WMD, expect a fierce backlash from Stephanie and the COO on Monday night's show.

More Success for Los Matadores

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    Photo courtesy WWE.com
    Photo courtesy WWE.com

    Since their rebranding, Los Matadores (formerly known as Primo and Epico) have enjoyed a successful start to their latest push in the tag division.

    Even when they had Rosa Mendes by their side instead of a miniature bull, these two guys have always been a solid tag team, and it's refreshing to see a natural pair in the ring together rather than a couple of guys who seem to have been pushed together by creative.

    Last week on Raw, they defeated two of the WWE's latest job squad, 3MB, and on SmackDown, they gained a victory over a tag team known as Los Locales. Expect another comfortable victory for the WWE's latest project on Monday night, be that against 3MB or any other lowly tag team, for that matter.

    It's highly probable that if The Shield manages to see off the Rhodes brothers at HIAC, then Los Matadores could be next in line for a push toward the titles.





More Bray Wyatt Madness

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    Photo courtesy WWE.com
    Photo courtesy WWE.com

    I think everyone is loving Bray Wyatt right about now. Well, I know for a fact I certainly am.

    The whole Husky Harris thing never really worked out after his participation in the second Nexus group, and since his return as Bray, things have taken a turn for the bizarre in WWE. Even his Twitter account provides compelling reading.

    He suffered an injury at a live event over the weekend but returned to Sunday's event without any crutches or brace of any kind, suggesting the injury isn't that bad. Expect him to be on Raw tonight.

    Wyatt's promos and mic skills are right up there with the best—the only problem is that WWE seems to be scratching around to find Wyatt a legitimate opponent to take on long term. Last Monday, he interrupted Miz TV, with The Miz only just escaping an attack from Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.

    One thing is for certain, though, Raw will no doubt provide us with another segment from the man who is becoming WWE's most bizarre Superstar.

The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Shield

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    Photo courtesy WWE.com
    Photo courtesy WWE.com

    It's about time The Shield was involved in a real tag team feud.

    Looking at Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins' reign so far as Tag champions, it doesn't exactly fill you with confidence in the way the tag team division is heading. Whenever they have actually put the belts on the line, they are in matches you can only really see one outcome.

    So thank heavens for the Rhodes brothers.

    They put on some solid performances at the previous few shows and even ended the unbeaten start of the Wyatt family in WWE on SmackDown this week.

    We all know the potential of Cody, and I've been a fan of his face turn since day one—especially with the way WWE broke up his partnership with Damien Sandow at Money in the Bank. But to bring back his brother is an even smarter move.

    It adds believability to an already interesting storyline, and with Goldust signed with the company right through to WrestleMania XXX, expect to see a lot more of the Rhodes brothers. They may well even pick up the titles at HIAC.


The Role of HBK in Bryan vs. Orton

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    Photo courtesy WWE.com
    Photo courtesy WWE.com

    In some WWE storylines, you can see where things are headed from day one. However, Shawn Michaels returning to play a role in the Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton match is not one of those occasions.

    It's a storyline that already has had some exciting twists, not least the pretty bizarre ending to Battleground where the WWE Championship remained in a state of abeyance. However, with Michaels being a former mentor of Bryan, and best friends with Orton's sidekick Triple H, the return of HBK as special guest referee has created a scenario where anything could happen.

    Michaels has history with Orton, too, not least their epic battle at Survivor Series 2007 for the WWE Championship. I think it would be pretty cool if Bryan finally got his hands on the title for a spell, and Michaels influencing that could well set up a potential Team HBK/Bryan vs. Team HHH/Orton clash at Survivor Series.

    Whatever happens, expect plenty of promos for the event on Raw and maybe even an appearance from Michaels himself.