Full Projections for Big Show's Feud with the McMahons Through Hell in a Cell

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistOctober 17, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

In recent weeks, the WWE Universe has seen a change in the man who could arguably be known as the greatest big man to ever set foot in a wrestling ring.

The Big Show has regained his swagger, and in doing so, he is creating havoc for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

His latest appearance led to the corporate stooges of The Shield losing the WWE Tag Team titles to Cody Rhodes and Goldust on Raw. 

But the big question remains as to what exactly happened to the Big Show since he was fired by Stephanie on Raw two weeks ago. Going from whimpering about his personal circumstances to once again becoming a bona fide threat is not something that normally happens so quickly. So it stands to reason that he is so confident because he knows something that we do not.

And that something could involve the return of the man who made all of this craziness that we call the WWE happen.

Vince McMahon could be the reason that the World’s Largest Athlete suddenly has his spine back.

And McMahon’s return could also signal the beginning of the end for the reign of terror that Triple H and Stephanie have been perpetrating over the past few months.

Normally the star of a high-profile storyline, Big Show had become a corporate pawn due to monetary circumstances that the WWE Universe never really knew the complete details of. And the duo used those issues to turn the Big Show into their own personal weapon of mass destruction, sicking him on whatever hapless target was put in front of him. 

Now it may be Triple H himself that becomes the target of the heat-seeking missile known as Show’s right hand.

The COO saw the business end of that hand two weeks ago on Raw and will likely see it again sometime in the near future, as a showdown in the squared circle between the two is the most likely scenario to be played out in the near future for the two.

With Survivor Series on the horizon in November, and it being one of the more high-profile events on the WWE calendar every year, it would be very possible for a match between the two to be a heavily hyped aspect of the card. 

But will Hell in a Cell in the immediate future, it would not be impossible for Big Show to factor into the finish of one or several matchups at the event. And despite the fact that the ring will be covered by a steel enclosure, he possesses the physical tools to rip the structure apart.

By helping Rhodes brothers win the Tag Team titles, Show may have been trying to right the wrong of knocking out their father, Dusty, on Raw several weeks ago. Which leaves another of his victims, Daniel Bryan, without his injustices being satisfied. It will be very intriguing to see if Bryan ends up wearing the WWE title at the end of the night as a result of Big Show’s interference on his match with Randy Orton

But that still leaves his grudge against Triple H and Stephanie unsettled.

Of course, it stands to reason that they will not make his pursuit of them very easy. The WWE Universe can expect any number of challenges to be placed in his way before he is finally able to get his hands on the perpetrators of his oppression over the past few months.

It would not be beyond the realm of possibility for any and all members of The Shield to face off against him. In addition, other heels such as any and all of Paul Heyman's guys, Randy Orton or even a returning Mark Henry could be the ones that are placed as roadblocks in his path.

Also, if Show was hellbent on costing Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns the tag team titles, it may be smart of United States champion Dean Ambrose to steer clear of him as well, lest he lose his precious bauble to someone that an angry Big Show decides to help.

Whatever the scenario, he can expect a rejuvenated Big Show to be the focus of a great deal of opposition in the coming weeks and months. As he sets his sights on his high-profile targets, and with an unknown reason for his swagger, the World’s Largest Athlete may have become the World’s Largest Time Bomb for anyone that has done him wrong.