Top 10 Game Changing Plays of Week 7

Randy ChambersAnalyst IOctober 14, 2013

Top 10 Game Changing Plays of Week 7

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    Sports are all about moments, and Week 7 of the college football season provided plenty of them. Game changing moments—it's the one play in the game where the momentum shifts and you get a good feel for who is going to leave the field victorious.

    No team in the country is going to make a comeback after just having its back broken by a busted play that still managed to work out for the offense.

    In yet another fun week of college football, we witnessed a fat guy touchdown, Johnny Manziel putting on a show and possibly the catch of the year. They were all game changing moments.

10. Kevin Norwood Can't Be Covered

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    It's hard to get inspired every week, especially when you know that you're going to win the game by four touchdowns.

    Alabama slept through the entire first quarter and was still getting with the world in the second. AJ McCarron had enough of the nonsense and decided to give Kevin Norwood a chance to make a play. He threw it up for grabs and the senior receiver won the jump ball contest in double coverage.

    After this play, Alabama went on to score three unanswered touchdowns in the second quarter and won the game by 41 points.

    It's safe to say that this play woke up the Tide.

9. Brandon Ross Using His Blocks

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    Speaking of taking a while to wake up, Maryland was still hung over from getting beat down by Florida State. Virginia had two long, successful drives against the Terrapins, and the game was slipping away a little bit.

    That's when the coaching staff decided to draw up a screen and allow speedy Brandon Ross to get out in space. He covered 77 yards within a few seconds and then scored on the following play to give his team a one-point lead heading into the second quarter.

    After this drive, Maryland began to play inspired football and topped Virginia 27-26.

8. Vic Beasley Does It Again

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    Vic Beasley helped prevent Clemson from chocking like it usually does. If the Tigers lost to Boston College, they would have said goodbye to an ACC title and any hope of competing for the crystal football.

    Only up a field goal early in the fourth quarter, Tony Steward sacked and stripped quarterback Chase Rettig. This allowed the best defensive player in the ACC to pick up the football and take it in for a score. Clemson goes up 10 points and the game is over.

    Clemson's hopes and dreams are still alive!

    Now, quiet down Clemson fans.

7. Bruce Ellington Scores Another Touchdown

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    Nothing crushes a team like a touchdown right before halftime. It takes all the air out of the balloon, all the wind out of the sails and whatever phrase you like to use.

    Although Arkansas couldn't get much going on offense, the Razorbacks were still hanging around with South Carolina. That was until Connor Shaw rolled out of the pocket and found a wide open Bruce Ellington for the second touchdown of the second quarter.

    This score put the Gamecocks up 24-7, which made the second half pointless for both SEC squads.

6. Ryan Mueller Gives Kansas State Hope

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    Kansas State may have still lost to Baylor, but this play gave Wildcat fans hope and made Baylor nation quite nervous.

    Quarterback Bryce Petty was rolling out of the pocket and thought he could escape Ryan Mueller and his tomahawk. Not so fast, my friend. Mueller makes an excellent play and the ball attached to him like a magnet. He would have been allowed to get up and score if college football rules weren't weird.

    Either way, Daniel Sams later rushed for a touchdown to give the Wildcats a lead heading into the fourth quarter.

5. Manziel Just Being Manziel

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    Johnny Manziel made several plays before this one. He even injured his knee, looked like he may have been done for the season and still came out of a phone booth that allowed him to make this play.

    It's absolutely heartbreaking when Manziel is able to reverse field and outrun nearly an entire defense to score the touchdown. The reigning Heisman winner looks like Bo Jackson in a game of Tecmo Bowl.

    At this point, Ole Miss realized that there was nothing that could be done. Manziel finds ways to always one-up his opponent. Maybe next year.

4. Oregon Taking Flight

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    Oregon and its quick strikes can be devastating for a defense trying to keep up. Washington tried its best but even that wasn't good enough.

    Defensive coordinators are so concerned about Marcus Mariota running the ball that they sometimes forget he can also throw pretty well.


    No read-option?

    What's going on?


    Josh Huff slips by for the 65-yard score. Once Oregon goes up by two scores, you can then pack your bags and go home. It was fun while it lasted.

3. Fat Guy Touchdown!

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    There's nothing like a fat guy touchdown. It makes everyone who carries a few extra pounds happy. It shakes the earth a little bit and can be a game changer for the team who just saw the big guy put six on the board.

    Blake Bell made a poor decision with pressure in his face and threw the ball behind his receiver. The ball hit defensive tackle Chris Whaley right in his beer belly and he managed to carry 300-plus pounds 31 yards for a score.

    At this moment, every Texas fan in the country looked at the person next to them and realized they truly had a chance.

    They were right.

2. Bud Sasser to La'Damian Washington

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    James Franklin goes down with an injury.

    Georgia wins, right?


    Backup quarterback Maty Mauk tosses the ball out to wide receiver Bud Sasser, who surprisingly throws a perfectly placed ball down field to wide receiver L'Damian Washington. This call took guts from the Missouri coaching staff and perfect execution from the players.

    The result broke Georgia in half and made many people in Athens sick to their stomach.

1. Allen Robinson!

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    Catch of the year? Possibly.

    Running back Bill Belton made his fair share of clutch plays in overtime, but without Allen Robinson jumping out of Happy Valley and coming down with an incredible reception, overtime wouldn't have even taken place.

    Christian Hackenberg put the ball only where his receiver could come down with it, and it's still ridiculous how the junior even had the hops to reach this football.

    Robinson simply wanted to win this game and wasn't going to be denied.