Denver Broncos - Looking Ahead To Next Season

Max WarrenContributor IMay 21, 2009

FOXBOROUGH, MA - 2006:  Josh McDaniels of the New England Patriots poses for his 2006 NFL headshot at photo day in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Getty Images)

The Broncos have had a turbulent offseason to say the least. Long time coach Mike Shanahan was fired and a young offensive mastermind called Josh McDaniels was brought to try and restore the franchise to its former glory. The first transaction that McDaniels made was  trading away the franchise quaterback Jay Cutler.

Mike Shanahan did some awful drafting in his last few years as coach but Jay Cutler along with Elvis Dumervil and Brandon Marshall were amazing finds. The year before Cutler was drafted, the Broncos lost in the AFC Championship, many fans blamed the current QB Jake Plummer for the loss and Shanahan obviously agreed so he drafted Cutler.

Halfway through the year, Cutler was the starter and he showed a lot of promise, but unfortunately the Broncos did not make the playoffs. The Broncos did not make the playoffs the following year or the year after that, but fans were OK with this because Cutler was still learning the ropes. But another season passed and yes while he did have an awful defense, Cutler couldn't lead the Broncos to the playoffs. A few people were starting to wonder, "is this guy really the franchise quarterback we thought he was?"

When McDaniels came in from the Pats, he was offered a trade that included sending Cutler to another team but Cutler wouldn't take this. He was the face of the franchise; how could the coach even talk about trading him?

Well when Cutler gave that reaction I knew he wouldn't be in a Broncos uniform for much longer. After Cutler wouldn't return any calls, the Broncos had taken enough crap so they traded him. They got the perfect quaterback for the new system in place: Kyle Orton.

Many people say Orton is a waste of space but his stats do not lie. When a guy throws for over 3,000 yards while getting injured during the season and your best receiver is your running back, I think it sounds pretty good.

The Broncos got a franchise running back in Knowshon Moreno to support Orton, drafted a run stopping OLB in Robert Ayers and two turnover speacialists in Alphonso Smith and Darcel McBath.

While my opinion is the minority, I think the Broncos have had an amazing offseason, have improved the team a lot, and changed the attitude of the players.

I predict the Broncos will finish with a respectable 9-7 missing the playoffs but one game with a vastly impoved San Diego team finishing 10-6