One World Title Again?

joey ferraraContributor IMay 21, 2009

I watch all 3 shows and i noticed that having 3 seprate world titles for each brand is getting old now.this is what i think they should do.I mean Randy Orton is killing raws ratings,edge as champion is getting old and the ecw world title is the ecw world title
take every former(and current world champion) from each brand and have 4 matches that they advance to for example for raw batista vs big show vs chavo vs cena vs orton vs matt hardy vs shawn michaels vs triple h vs ric flair then for smackdown have jericho vs punk vs edge vs jeff hardy vs morrison vs kane vs mysterio vs khali vs undertaker then for ecw have christian vs swagger vs henry vs dreamer vs finlay(former British Heavyweight Champion).the 3 winners later that night have a triple treat for example triple h-wwe champion vs undertaker-world champion vs swagger-ecw world champion the winner becomes the unifed world champion and keeps the belt that he wants as the unifed world title.what do u think